“Iron Sky 2″ They’re doing this AGAIN?

10 11 2014


iron sky

Some of the investors in the first one might have been scammed which should make me hate them but damn I want to see the dinosaur invasion!

Overwatch: Please Blizzard don’t do this to me!

7 11 2014

Why, why, why is this not an MMO? You can’t give me slack jawed hope like that and then piss it away Blizzard!

Trailer: Battle of the Five Armies

6 11 2014

This one seems so full of stuff that it just makes me think even more that the final battle with Smaug should have been at the end of the last one instead of that endless themepark ride with the dwarfs in the lonely mountain but shit this one looks awesome. And please please please, let them not make an idiot out of Saruman again, that dude deserves his moment of glory before his fall.

Toronto, please elect this man!

27 10 2014

Sadly, sadly current mayor Rob Ford is not running for reelection. But do not despair for there is another. Rob Ford has a brother!

Pleeaaaaase. The world can not live without these magnificent assholes. How the hell do these guys happen? Who gives them money? They are like magical creatures. Like unicorns. Except that they’re assholes.

Gotham, Arrow and the case of the evil lesbian ex-girlfriends

17 10 2014

Bashing on DC does sort of feel like stealing candy from a child. It is just too easy. On the other hand the child is a world-class asshole so it’s not like I have to feel bad about it. The screwed up relationship between DC and homosexuality is nothing new. I’ve even talked about it on this blog HERE, which is amazing considering I miss every other relevant topic ever. Then of course there was that whole Batwoman who can’t get married business. The only truly noteworthy thing about the whole “Training to be Batman’s wife” shirt issue recently was that it was just misogynist not homophobic. Well except if you put it into context with the Batwoman issue from before then it suddenly looks even more shitty because it could mean the actual Batwoman who’s not allowed to have a woman for a wife. If these people would do this on purpose I would be awed at just how well all their shittyness connects. Maybe they want to combine it all to form Shitron the giant robot and attack Marvel Headquarters with it?

I don’t want to talk about the comics though, I’ve found those unreadable ever since DC has basically started hating and deconstructing their own product which started about then I was born I think. This is about their TV shows Arrow and Gotham, both of which are ashamed of what they are too, or they’d be called Green Arrow and ..Batbrat? I’m not sure about the second one but I’m reasonably certain they could have come up with something a little more “Batman-ish” than a cop show. Still, to be fair I enjoy both of those shows. Much more than Agents of Shield since unlike that show they avoid the main crime entertainment can commit. Being boring. Yet, I remember how some story rally grated on my nerves in Arrow and I could finally nail it down then the same thing happened in Gotham and it’s just so appallingly ugly and no one has mentioned it yet.

The story in Arrow was the relationship between Black Canary and Rhaz Al Gul’s daughter. Since I’m about as deep as a puddle the first thing that bothered me was that they somehow made an afraid between the Black Canary and her assassin lover be as sexy as a dead fish, mostly by starting with a terrible choice for Canary herself and going with no chemistry at all from there. And to be honest that still amazes me. Especially then people worry that the planned Supergirl series is all about fanservice. I’m not sure these people would even know how to deliver that (weirdly for such a sexist company they are amazing at delivering fanservice for women because they did apparently figure out how to do every scene possible with their main character shirtless).But while that’s waste for me personally it’s not the part worth talking about. No, that would be the weird way a love between two female characters is portrayed here. You see our Black Canary in this case just wants to be with Oliver Queen, in a nice little straight relationship. But her evil lesbian lover can’t let go and even goes so far as to threaten her mother’s life to force her to come back to her. Admittedly this ex lover is a criminal and a killer.. just like her boyfriend. Still, we can accept that the League of Assassins are bad customers so there’s something here. This would just be a completely weird mess that makes no sense if Canary did hook up with her again in the end oh screw you, I’m not even going to try to make sense of this.

Let’s move to Gotham. In which the lover of our main character also had a past relationship with a woman (something she is clearly ashamed of because you know that’s WRONG!) who can’t let go and while she doesn’t go as far as taking family member hostage Montaya does try to discredit Barabara’s boyfriend and get him into jail. See the pattern here? Clearly DC has figured out that most lesbians are realy just confused and just want to be with nice guys but the few who really are into women prey on them and they are some evil psycho bitches who just can’t let go and will go to any length to force these poor girls to come back to them. They probably demand they renounce their savior Jesus Christ too. And play video games. The monsters! So currently the two main love interests in the DC shows are both either “cured”lesbians or bisexuals who finally made the “right” choice but their former lovers try to force them (in one case literally) to stay with them instead of being happy natural straight girls.

I’m a terrible judge but considering just how generic and boring Gordon looks she just had to be the better company.

Like everything DC does I don’t believe there really is a system behind this shit but the fact they can be so amazingly offensive without even noticing it says a ton about the people behind these shows and whoever checks what they produce under the DC name.

Let’s see if the Flash will also have a girlfriend who’s stalked by her female ex-lover who just won’t accept her life choices. I’m almost rooting for it just so it becomes obvious enough to blow up in the producer’s bigoted faces.

Cry harder

16 10 2014

The day I posted my last entry also just had to be the day I was shown this. I wonder if it’s trying to tell me something. Like “Rita hates you”. I dunno.



16 10 2014

This is whining. Pure and simple. I have no real right to complain, I belong to the one-third of humanity that is incredibly entitled and wealthy (and if you’re reading this its likely you do too. As a general hint if you have food anytime you want some you’re part of that group). I have friends who have worse conditions than me. I have family members who suffered deaths too horrible to think about. Right now I don’t care. I’m sick of being in constant pain. It’s not mindshattering unbearable plain. But it’s not weak either. Its “bearable” except its there all the time and the border of what is bearable seems to move sometimes. I’m sick of how hard it makes the most basic things, I’m sick of being looked at like I should just take better care of myself. I can’t fucking walk without constant pain. At this point it’s always there. Sometimes it keeps me from sleeping. I could deal with that. But the fact it gets worse with every step I take and yet somehow I’m supposed to do those because you know doing things is what gets you ahead is just too much for me right now. I’m just sick of it. And I’m just a bit angry at the people around me who don’t have it and think everything so soooo fucking easy. I wish they’d have to walk one day on my feet. Let’s see how much fun they think it is to just take the extra 200 yards to buy food on the way home then every step sends jolts of intense pain through the already constant throbbing that drives them mad. Stand in that stupid office meeting for 15 minutes. “just” exercise a bit more. Hell just sit through a whole day with the constant pain trying to concentrate on boring mundane things that just aren’t good enough to distract them from it. Lots of people have health issues but right now I’m just feeling selfish because I’m so sick of pain.

Here is a panda pic so you got at least something for reading this shit.


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