Oh look they JJ Abramed Star Wars

28 11 2014

I know fans are going to jerk of to this because just like the new more boring cartoon it gives them their nostalgia fix but seriously did Star Wars need annoyingly loud shock music? And while these scenes do not look as terrible as his Star Trek work did, they still scream Abrams to me, everything seems to close to the camera, the lighting is too hard-edged. Of all the Star Wars I have seen in the last few years and that’s been quite a lot if you include game teasers this seems the least promising.

PAN Teaser – So its Peter Pan’s turn again

28 11 2014

Works for me, I always loved Neverland in a way. And it’s just about perfect for the sort of happy glowie cgi wonders you can fill places with these days. Like Malificent’s bog except a floating island and thus way more awesome. Also ..making it a floating island. Awesome.

I’m feeling like these types of movies are the anti Harry Potter, keeping magic as wondrous instead of the banal chore it is there. And to bash on another much loved franchise, we do deserve a great Neverland after that dread hopeless generic forest “Once upon a time” tried to sell.

Must nom all the things!

27 11 2014

This is my life..

“Iron Sky 2″ They’re doing this AGAIN?

10 11 2014


iron sky

Some of the investors in the first one might have been scammed which should make me hate them but damn I want to see the dinosaur invasion!

Overwatch: Please Blizzard don’t do this to me!

7 11 2014

Why, why, why is this not an MMO? You can’t give me slack jawed hope like that and then piss it away Blizzard!

Trailer: Battle of the Five Armies

6 11 2014

This one seems so full of stuff that it just makes me think even more that the final battle with Smaug should have been at the end of the last one instead of that endless themepark ride with the dwarfs in the lonely mountain but shit this one looks awesome. And please please please, let them not make an idiot out of Saruman again, that dude deserves his moment of glory before his fall.

Toronto, please elect this man!

27 10 2014

Sadly, sadly current mayor Rob Ford is not running for reelection. But do not despair for there is another. Rob Ford has a brother!

Pleeaaaaase. The world can not live without these magnificent assholes. How the hell do these guys happen? Who gives them money? They are like magical creatures. Like unicorns. Except that they’re assholes.


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