I liked Hook

15 08 2014

There. I did my duty as a member of western society to say something about Robin Williams. One thing. Which should realy be enough for everyone to get whatever they feel about him out of their system.

I don’t care who you are, if you post one more thing about Robin Williams I’m unfollowing your feed.¬† Unless you were a personal friend or a family member every shit that could possibly be given about this has been given. The people who don’t know Fox News is full of shit will not get it because of the fuzz about this no matter what article you link. And those of us with depression will have to keep acting normal, now more than ever because otherwise semi-caring shits who read too many stupid Robin Williams links will not stop bugging us until we force a fake smile so they can feel good about themselves.

I’m so sick of this crap. If you want to be aware of depression I suggest you read up on it and the fact that promoting suicides as massively as this actualy causes more suicides. Yes that’s what you’re doing, making more people kill themselves you fucking twits.

50 Shades of I don’t give a shit

24 07 2014

Oh look there is the trailer for a god-awful movie they made out of a god-awful book. And this is a bad thing.

Not because it’s a shitty movie, because there are enough shitty movies that one more won’t matter but this one is like a stealth bomber passing right under every left-wing/nerd guys radar of understanding. Because they are trying to be all politically correct and change our patriarchal society (and its a good thing they do) by attacking all the wrong targets (which isn’t). Recently that’s usually been skimpy outfits in comics and that women are presented as too sexy, showing their complete lack of understanding that women actually had to fight for the right to show of as much as they fucking want, without guys getting to judge them as proven by every religious and patriarchal society making them ashamed of their bodies all the time.¬†Read up on the history of the miniskirt in Britain. It’s not what you probably think it is if you’re worried that women don’t get to dress conservatively enough. Here’s a hint, if men get to decide how women look it’s not like this:


Its like this:


Please spare me the Islam defense, a nun is basically the same thing. I’m not anti Islam, I’m anti religion. In fact I’m anti-conservative. And that current wave of defending women reeks of hidden conservatives ideals to me. It’s basicaly slut-shaming hiding behind political correctness. So why does 50 Shades of Grey come into play here? Well just like a certain group not getting that it’s perfectly alright if women do want to dress sexy (have you been at a cosplay con… ever? Tell me again the female fans mind the sexy outfits) they also would have their mind blown that women can like sex and in fact have porn.

Now I’m huuuuugely generalizing here and making myself to vulnerable to attack but I don’t feel like turning this into a book so I’m keeping things simple. For a lot/some/a significant number of females I’ve known, erotic writing is their porn. Fanfiction with shipping, all those cheap novels, all that. And for some reason I never got and don’t have to this stuff often includes S/M themes, control and a frightening amount of rape. Don’t worry half the time its guys getting raped by other guys, the fanfic writers even have a cute term for it so they don’t have to call it rape but I can’t remember it right now. All not the point. The point is that while this may blow your mind and doesn’t fit your current few that girls need to be defended from all things smut, they have dirty minds and that is fucking alright. Do not try to make them Princess Peach, because they’re not innocent little idols for you to put on a pedestal, they’re people.

So if some of them like the sort of dirt that 50 Shades of Grey is then let them enjoy it, no one is telling you to not watch redtube to get off either. But here’s the thing 50 Shades of Grey is not:

  • It’s not a patriarchal attack on women’s liberties.
  • It’s not men trying to push a certain worldview about submissive women.
  • It is not a sexual fantasy for guys.

What it is one very simple thing. It’s a sexual fantasy by a woman, made for women, bought and consumed by women.

Now if you’re a woman who doesn’t like that crap, that is perfectly fine and from my view understandable. There are probably some worrisome issues worth addressing here. But please just this once, it really really wasn’t us guys. Not even the pigs. I swear. Our porn looks very very much more obvious. We don’t go for all the buildup, ours goes straight to the blowjobs okay?

And if you’re a guy outraged about this first also consider the points above. And second consider this one: Maybe don’t get to judge what gets some women of. Who the hell do you think you are?

It may not suit our few of an enlightened progressive society but this ain’t Star Trek people, some people are into things you consider garbage. Yes even women. Yes even your mom. DEAL WITH IT.


Why does the new Appleseed trailer look like a generic western shooter?

23 06 2014

The last two Appleseed movies were amazing celebrations of high gloss high-tech, the sort of thing you just don’t see anymore. And as far as I know reasonably succesful too. So what’s this shit? It looks like any generic shooter trailer at E3. And our concept for new movie is…. BROWN!


The US complains about espionage? Seriously?

30 05 2014

Just a thought. I can not be the only person who thinks that everyone on TV and any audience should spontaneously fall down on the floor from laughing too much then the US has the fucking audacity to complain that the Chinese are using hackers to spy on them. Seriously? They went there? What the fuck?

Happy Birthday City of Heroes

27 04 2014

Today would be the 10th birthday of my home City of Heroes. It’s still gone. And so far I have missed every significant date to finish my series of posts to say goodbye to it. By this time it is obvious to me why. The third part is to talk about the aftermath but the aftermath is not over. It will never be over. There won’t come a time then I can write that and go “ok I’m done that’s all I had to say”. So maybe I’ll finish it, maybe I won’t. But for now all I got is that while my life is at a much better place than it was two years ago the gaping hole left still makes it seem worse. I know a lot of people have moved on, got over what is only a game and by now its even sort of fashionable among former players to defend NCSoft for being assholes. Not for me. I can’t move on. I will never get over it. This world is not compatible to me. No matter how hard I try I never quite fit in and the only place I was happy in is still gone. I don’t think I have a real point here except that I’m still deeply unhappy that I can’t go home every single day.

I said a few nice things to my SG mates then Next Gen finally closed down a few months ago because we realized how attempt to keep going in other games just wasn’t working out. I want to thank everyone who worked on the game for what they did but I doubt I can tell them what it meant to me really and other people have done it way better before. So this is a sad day. It’s not even some big get together of former players, just a few posts on Facebook and an article on a blog here and there. Today could have been the 10th anniversary of the one place I could be happy in. Instead I have to make plans how to make life in the rest of it somewhat bearable. So here’s a heartfelt “fuck this”. Have a nice day.

2012-09-09 01:28:20

My last day at home. I’m not one for screenshots and pictures in general but do I wish I had taken more now.

How to draw an Owl

26 04 2014

This is in fact how most advice to draw, build or generaly do anything looks to me.

Japanase 90s X-Men Opening

9 04 2014

Usually its the west screwing up anime openings but this really is terrible and misleading. The second one is a lot better already but the first almost hurts. Also I have no idea why they would cry to the moon.


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