So Activision claims Call of Duty is the new Star Wars

22 07 2010

by AngryPanda

Eric Hirshberg, new CEO of Activision calls Call of Duty a force of nature on IGN and claims it is the closest thing this generation has to Star Wars.

I think it’s time for a moderate and well thought of response to that. Something like:

“Shut the fuck up you uncreative soulless cunt!”

That helped. I feel a bit better now and will try to explain what in my view is the most wrong with that. There’s a lot of things wrong with it, there’s been a few good words about that on The Escapist.

Apart from the fact that this generation has more Star Wars than any previous ones (you can argue about the quality but you could also drill a whole in your knee and drink milk from it, it won’t change the fact the stuff is there and even has two seasons of a cartoon) this statement is wrong in one way that bugs me more than all the others:

Star Wars, then it was released was something new. It was something creative. It was daring. A new concept of using an established medium. It was fresh and full of energy and just crazy. Call of Duty is…brown. It’s iteration X of that one generic game produced in the west for over a decade. That game is named “shooter”. The star is “generic soldier dude”. This is exactly the opposite of what Star Wars did. It is not moving an inch from established concepts, it is boredom in a box. The opposite of creative.  It also isn’t inspiring kids to dream about sci fi adventures but instead twats shooting each other in the head but that’s not my point here. This is the muddy bottom of the well of fantasy. There is nothing new, nothing inspiring about Call of Duty. Translated into a movie it isn’t Star Wars it is Rambo 5. In fact it is more like Rambo 12 considering how overused that genre is. It’s a tried and true concept that everyone knows will bring money. Most likely successful because it gives teens with self esteem issues a chance to shoot others and doesn’t force them into an icky “gay” avatar like Sonic or Samus Aran.

Every game of the military shooter genere combined will still not even make up for another genere like for example platformers. In fact I think even a  single platformer series like Mario provides more innovative and new gameplay than the shooters. This is basically one game with “Call of Duty” or “Medal of Honor” or “I have a small penis” tagged to it to tell you which gen of graphics it’s using right now. If Star Wars had been as innovative as Call of Duty we would never have gotten Jedi, Star Destroyers and Lightsabers. We would all watch generic action flick 876 “Guy with guns”.

Edit: I realized the last sentence is hardly fair. In fact it would be more like “Generic, vaguely patriotic white military guy with guns”. All of them.




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7 09 2010
Its nothing. Of course it can be blown up a little more « This would be more awesome with lasers

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