Flight of the Hamsters

23 07 2010

by AngryPanda

This could be the best game in the history of hamsters.

Fitting for its majestic protagonits it also has an absolutely epic classic soundtrack that beats most A-titles. Seeing your hamster in flight to Wagner’s Ride of the valkyries could very well be one of the defining moments of your lifes. It certainly is for mine. Which I thinks doesn’t say anything good about my life. Still we take the happy moments we can get and this one should at least give you a smile. Or make you grin and drool like a braindead zombie like in my case. I might even go so far as to admit that is better than m personal version of “Cow Clicker”. Hamsters rock.



7 responses

26 07 2010

436 feet in one flight and a hamsteriffic total of 822. I officially spend too much time on this.

2 08 2010

This game is just so awesome and addictive!

9 08 2010
Flight of the Mexicans « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] of the Mexicans While this is not nearly as fun, skill-based and flat-out hilarious as Flight of the Hamsters (seriously, go check that one out. It’s beyond awesome), this game is both politically […]

17 08 2010
It’s the end of the world as we know it « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] its first major expansion yesterday. Between those my spare time should be too tight for even a hamster to squeeze through. I hope I can have the next part of TFWA up before the end of the week but no […]

26 08 2010
Watchmen « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] to being flailed then I finally go to hell. Yes I said three. The first one was giving you the Flying Hamsters and if you haven’t see those yet your life has been meaningless. So let’s get to my […]

20 10 2010
Today on the dark side: Joe Miller « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] Especially some hardcore leftwing musicians and writers thought communism was the best thing since flying hamsters and went there hoping to live the dream. On the other hand, most sane human beings wanted to get […]

4 11 2010
Hamsters « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] of all Hamsters can fly! They put Superman to shame. Go there and try it out now. Your life will be an empty and sad shell […]

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