DC Universe

27 07 2010

by AngryPanda

Superman can hear Diana screaming in space? Awesome.
Also, Diana ist held by a simple power armor and used as a hostage/bait. That’s what girls are for in comic books.
That and Superman’s manly 3 days beard stuble really sold the thing to me.
/sarcasm off

Ok, despite these initial thoughts the whole thing does look rather sweet. I adore the armored look of the alternative universe even if I think it will be met with a lot of resistance. The fanboys will cry if the look is wrong even in a slightly different universe. Anything but the tights gets them riled. I think the one who profited most was Wonder Woman. Batman on the other hand actualy overdid the whole thing. But in all fairness I have to say that none of my problems with the story or looks of the video says anything bad about this game.

But here’s the thing: It doesn’t say anything good either!

Yes, I know it is hard to accept but no matter how riled you are and no matter how great it was for them to get the voice from the Batman animated series this will in absolutely no way impact your enjoyment of the actual game they deliver. I have seem the same jittery hands over Champions and look how that turned out. From what they have revealed about the game at E3 I’m more than just a little sceptical. First of all they seem to have the same overdone cell shading effects than Champions that cause you to not see a damn thing. I don’t care how many times I’m told it’s supposed to look like a cartoon because it doesn’t. Saturday morning cartoons don’t have cell shading. Watch some Justice League Unlimited.  Go on do it. I’ll bere then you get back. Done? Awesome. Seen and cell shading? No? Didn’t think so. If you still don’t believe me some Legion of Superheroes might help. I agree with some that cell shading makes for awesome power effects. unfortunately it makes my gloves, the street I stand on and the tree behind me glow in the exact same effect. It’s like the foil cover of some special edition. It looks nice but it’s nothing I want the whole book in. Now that I’m done ranting about that I have to say it doesn’t look as bad as in Champions at least so there is that.

Of course i can afford to give them that because I have more things to complain about. Namely the E3 Interview.

Oh boy. How do I even start? This one is a nightmare of emtpy publcity talk and some hidden bombs are just too bad to even consider. I think I’ll just go with the big one for me: The game is cross platform. Yeah that’s right, you get to play withthe XBox live crowd. Isn’t that awesome? You’ll get to hear the word fucktard and noob even more often than in Barrens chat. I’m not even sure how to express my feelings about that except by strangling someone. But thankfully I’m alone as unsocial dangers to society like me should be. So instead I get to worry about even more implications of this. “Like: How willthe chat work? How will the cross platform controls be?!” These will be major problems and I’ll be impressed if they can solve them in a way that isn’t horribly awkward for everyone involved.

Last and in this case worst there was another interview at E3, sadly it’s one I can’t find a link to right now. It was about a rather proud developer telling you how you can customize your characters armor to look like anything you want so that you can look like you want. That’s right. You’re armor. Think about that for a second. What does this tell us? Exactly, it means they haven’t actually developed a superhero MMO. They have slapped a superhero skin on something that is very likely to be your standard WOW clone. They said “You could make your shoulder pads from Gorilla City look like any part of your normal costume.” Shoulder pads? From Gorilla City? That sounds like something I just raired with my level 80 Troll Shaman, not like something Batman picks up. City of Heroes got by without equipment from the start and they even implemented a system of collectable sets without having it. It’s simply a matter of thinking different. Of thinking how to make a superhero game instead of a normal MMO but that is clearly not what they did. This one thing is what worries me most about the whole game. It seems so badly thought out that I can’t imagine they did a good job with the rest. I’m going to give it a try but I’m already fearing the worst (the worst being another generic MMO this time with a cape slapped on it).

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