Rock on Wikileaks

27 07 2010

by AngryPanda

One little site makes the high and mighty of this world shit their pants with fear.


After revealing a ton of reports of the Afghan war even the president of the mighty US of A had to condemn them. Of course. Because while we should all have out internet access controls and cameras inside our toilets the things governments and militaries do should stay secret. It’s not like these things are part of a democracy after all… oh wait.. nevermind.

Of course we are told to not trust the site since they keep their identities secret. And while I agree to take everything there with a grain of salt that reasoning is still complete crap. Whistleblowers need to protect themselves. We have seen again and again and again that we can’t trust the governments, police and by now not even the media. This whole fuzz is about free information being bad. And here’s a hint: Anyone who is against free information is very likely an enemy of freedom in general.




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