It can’t be mine? :(

28 07 2010

by AngryPanda

Only 22 days ago I posted this on a forum:

“It must be mine! Please oh mighty developers, publishers and other weird people who decide these things. Please let me buy this game. I want to buy this game. I want to give you money for it. So please have a decent digital sale without weird regional changes. Just for once I actually want to play a new game and I really really don’t want to be forced to pirate it. Please?”

Of course it wasn’t meant to be. Local store versions are not in the orignal language (they don’t need to dig up the original voice actor for Prime just to sell me a damn dub) cut and of course overpriced. I could not find a digital distribution. It boggles my mind how a developer can put so much effort into a game and then refuse to sell it to me. I can’t be the only person who refuses to by a crippled local version. Would it be so hard to make a digital sale. This game looks so good I might actually go to the effort of getting it, even if I have to import it but Starcraft II is out so I guess I say screw you. This is a real shame. I wanted this badly. But the publishers desire to NOT get foreign money seems to be stronger.

Edit: After just writing about Valve and Steam it occurred to me for the first time ever to check if I could get it there. And indeed I could. Of course it would still be the EU-Version because even digital sales are localized now. But I was tempted. And honestly only saved by the fact my Starcraft game is on the way. Well played Valve. Maybe next time.




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31 07 2010
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