Leave me alone Leia

29 07 2010

by AngryPanda

Do you know these little things that continue to nag you just a little bit all the time but are not really worth getting worked up about? I decided this is no place to be reasonable so I’m going to bitch about one of these.

No I don’t…

I never have and never will. Leia Organa to me only matters in the way that she seems to be a decent female lead. I never thought of her as particularly attractive.

I think the first time I saw Return of the Jedi I didn’t even see her outfit in a sexual context (Maybe because I was 8?). I don’t even like the damn thing. It does have a certain Flash Gordon charm but now that I think about they had something much better.

I think the only outfit about her I like is the white robe thingie in a new hope. It looks sort of classy yet practical.

Things like “every nerd wanted to date a girl like this” or “we all wish out girlfriends did their hair this way” are annoying in the very same way that soccer fans never relent in telling you how awesome it is and look at you in utter confusion if you neither understand or care for their stuff. In this way nerds are just like everyone else.

This isn’t something important but it has been very therapeutic to get it off my chest. It is really your own fault for reading it. Plus you got  the chance to see two scantily dressed girls in this one post alone so stop complaining.

And in case that not liking Leia is not sacrilege enough I’ll say that I like the version in this video a lot more.




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