Oh no! It’s Nazi-Starfish-Hitler-Man!

29 07 2010

by AngryPanda

Some things are too strange for words. The only thing I have left to say to this is that I think something is very wrong with my head because in all the madness the thing I wondered about most was “what is he swinging on for his final attack?“. After watching it 3 times I finally saw that it is his own staff after throwing it into the air. Awesome. It all makes sense now.

If you actually manage to watch the whole 4:26 till the end you will learn an important lesson. I’m not yet sure what it is but I suspect it could be:  “Never hump a dead nazi-starfish. It makes them explode.” And THAT is a something we should all take to heart!




One response

2 08 2010

Good god this is somewhere between awesome and insane… It would be even better with some good crappy background music.

I have to make an animated gif, the few seconds after 3:52 when the Hitler-Starfish flies through the air!

Though I have to admit I am highly disturbed now…

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