Starblazers trailer

29 07 2010

by AngryPanda

This is mostly to make up for my horribly depressing last post and the one making fun of Japan just before that. And it is awesome.

Hollywood could learn a few things from Asian movies. Mostly that if you want to make an awesome movie about the Space Battleship Yamato you can do that. And you fill it up with the things the people love about it. You don’t have to pour pretentious shit into it until every crtitic on the planet wants to give you a blowjob  (that one would be for you new Battlestar Galactica). There’s no chance this will run in theaters anythere near me and that’s a real shame but things like this are why I want to get a good home system, preferably with a projector.




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16 08 2010
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6 07 2013
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