The Dark Side

29 07 2010

by AngryPanda

Disclaimer: Read the article in the link, its horrible but something well worth knowing and thinking about. Everything else is my personal opinion and may very well insult your dignity as a human being. On the other hand if you are one of the people I’m  going to talk about you deserve much worse than that.

This is just an example.

I belief in freedom of speech. A lot more than some people realize because I live in a country there it is part of the constitution but not the first article. The first article is used all the time as a convenient excuse to impede freedom of speech (so much I would not ever connect my real name to this blog for fear of  being sued for my own opinions and even those expressed in the comments). Still it is damn important and I think it deserves a spot in the top 3. Roughly translated the first article here is:

“The dignity of a human being is sacrosanct.”

Strange enough the last people to remember the meaning of this seem what I will now loosely call conservatives (with exceptions, there’s always bloody exceptions).

I can deal with all types. I consider religion almost a disease and yet no some great people who belong to one group or another. That’s ok. We’re different. Differences are a wonderful thing and they make it all so much more interesting. They consider me nuts for me view. That’s how it goes.  But there’s one group of people who poison it all. The ones who will only feel save if they live in a world there they understand absolutely everything, there everything falls into norms they are used to and there men wear pants and women skirts. The level of intolerance and violent reaction varies but in the end these people are all the same. They want gay kids out of school, they want the internet censored, they want passports that can be detected by GPS (and preferably connected to your spine and detonated remotely).

You know the type. They are everywhere. Their own need for security, the fact that they are essentially cowards, afraid of danger real or imagined, scared of difference and complications pushes them to ruin life for everyone starting with making you take your shoes off at the airport and then reporting your weird gaming hobbies to the behavior police they’d like to see established.

This is a complicated thing as a desire for security is perfectly natural and it is also understandable that some things are so horrible a violent interference is needed by those more civilized. There is a fine line here and I think the line is fear. If you can make your decisions still based on your conscience then you may go wrong but it won’t be all the time. But if you are afraid you will only interfere in things that seem a danger to the world you know. You may claim you do it for the greater good but your mask is thin. Because you let this girl be harassed at school while you go out to shoot some troubled teen in the back six times with your nice shiny badge to make you feel like a hero. There is almost no human being who thinks of himself as evil.  Most just want to make the world so they can feel safe in it. And I’m entirely convinced fear and ignorance are the true source of most evil in modern societies (maybe in others too, I don’t know).

I’m not very different. I’m a straight reasonably fit white male. The only thing that makes me a little different is that I like to be alone and read a lot. This has caused me so much trouble, especially in my youth that it is completely ridiculous. I can just begin to imagine how horrible it must be for people who are even more “strange” to those who consider themselves normal. These are people who have their own children terrified of them finding out about them. Who want to destroy whole subcultures of modern information and international conversations. They consider song lyrics a danger to society and will find any excuse for the assertion of authority, no matter how inhuman or unnecessary. And despite the fact that everyone is entitled to their opinion and that I really want to be able to leave them theirs this is my only real message to them:

You are wrong. You are a source of evil. You are my enemy. You are one of the few things I fear.

Notice something? Yes, its fear that finally makes me lose my tolerance for them. This, in a weird way shows me how they lost theirs for everything else.




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29 07 2010
Mike Boozer

I like the rant


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