The best leak ever

30 07 2010

by AngryPanda

3 days ago I posted a bit of unashamed fanboyism for Wikileaks and today I stumbled over this absolutely amazing video about it by John Steward. You should absolutely watch this. Some of the highlights include:

“BRADASS87 ? Let’s look for a guy named Brad who is 87! No wait! HOW DID THEY FIND HIM!? HOW DID THEY DO IT!?”

“Apparently, our war strategy in Afghanistan is encoded in Justin Bieber’s  Twitter account.”

Apart from that there’s some nice hints how they try to downplay the import by claiming “it isn’t new” which really doesn’t matter one bit people. If you did something stupid for a long time it doesn’t make it better it makes it worse! I could start a rant here trying to express my disbelief on how people like this can be in positions of powers and still have majorities believing in their words but I’m at my first coffee so I’ll spare you. I’m pretty sure you’ll find some hate in the comments of the vid if you absolutely need your fix.




3 responses

30 07 2010

My favorite? “They just won’t stay quiet, they got the giggles.”

30 07 2010

My favorite quote? “They won’t stay quiet, they just get the giggles.”

2 08 2010
Wikileaks vs The Pentagon – INTERNET WARS « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] believe these things are realy important. I intended to leave it at that but followed it up with the Daily Show’s take on it. Now I found something new for it and I think I’ll keep bringing this up for as long as I […]

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