Gaming setup

31 07 2010

by AngryPanda

I’m out of the loop with video games. I haven’t played a lot of them since the 90s. I fell for MMOs and they ate all the time I could have used for other games, to finish college, raise a family or invent the hoverboard. That’s how things go. Somehow I’m starting to get back into the idea of playing other things than my endless mix of MMO RP/Grind. Mostly due to the releases of two games reminding me that there is cool stuff out there. These would be Starcraft II and Transformers: War for Cybertron. I doubt most people even realize how spectacular these releases are in a gaming world now made up primarily of the color brown and nameless heroes consisting of a disembodied hand holding a gun. This is the type of sci-fi the kid in me loves so much I could run out drooling, scapping together every cent it got  despite some really shitty new habits (I still owe you a post Blizzard, don’t think I forgot) or the fact I will probably have to ask a friend in the US to buy me a decent copy and actually snail mail it here (That’s for Transformers. I got my Starcraft box).

Now the interesting thing for me here is that I haven’t actually played anything that doesn’t use classic MMO controls for many many years. My current game setup looks like this:
(From left to right)

-Logitech G13 Gamepad

Customizable hotkeys, programmable macros, color coding and in integrated stick to replace WASD. I don't even know how I ever played without this thing.

-Logitech G15 Classic

-Logitech MX Revolution

A wireless mouse office mouse might be an odd choice for a gamer but since MMOs are basically about efficient bureaucracy more keys are incredible useful. I use it mostly to control camera angels and height in there are flight options. The G-Series mouse is unfortunately only a toy for the FPS-Crowd.


All combined this bring me to some 200 bucks in input-devices. May sound like a lot but they last years and they are really immensely comfortable (yes this is basically free Logitech advertisement but then nobody would pay for my opinion). I already know I’m set for Starcraft since that was developed for PC. But Transformers might be a different story. The game was developed cross-platform and with the current state of things I’d guess the controls were created with the XBox in mind above other things. Now I wonder if this can be played decently with my setup or if I need to get something else. XBox controllers work with Windows and it seems to be that it is most likely that these are what the game is made for.

These things are so ugly they could be considered modern art. Plus they are bloody expensive. I'd rather go without one.

I will most likely get an XBox anyway since I want to get back into more various games and don’t care for the FPS-Plague that has the PC-Games in its grip. So a second controller that can be used for both my PC and that (for the rare times I have visitors) might be the smart thing to do. But that decision isn’t made yet and I’ll get Transformers for the PC. So maybe I don’t need it or I could get something else entirely?


Holy crap! Just look at the thing. I wonder if there's a game around that would work well with that. I feel like getting a good old space combat game just to use this bit of 80s cyberpunk come true.

Not only have I no idea what to do, I don’t even know where to ask. Google didn’t help and I’m almost allergic to game forums. Now that I’m at the end of this post I realize I could as over at the Escapist which is a pretty civilized place. But I already wrote it so you get to read it anyway.




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13 08 2010
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[…] doesn’t look like they can gain any kind of useful data out of that. PC-Gaming is hard at is. Just look at my gaming setup. That’s enough cash just in input hardware to buy a console before you even got a computer. […]

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