Dinosaurs attack!

1 08 2010

by AngryPanda

Despite the fact that I’m a miserable cynic with issues I didn’t manage to turn into a lonely hermit without any social contact yet (we all need a life’s ambition). So today I’m going to introduce my co-writer for this site. NiceDino will write about whatever he feels like. New updates will be clearly marked. While there are some lines even we won’t cross we won’t check or censor each other. So if you don’t like his stuff just don’t read it. Or if you only like his ignore mine (but then I will be sad panda!). In the end this just means a lot more updates every week which should be good for everyone, especially the ozone layer. So without further ado I give you: the Dinosaur!

by NiceDino

Hi there, my name is NiceDino! ^^

I´m a friend of AngryPanda and, although not quite as angry, we share many common interests. A while ago Panda told me he wanted to have his own little blog and since I wanted one too and neither of us is very consistent, we thought it would be a good idea to have one together. How this will work out we will see. Anyway, we will mark the articles we publish on this site, so you will have no problem to differ between the two of us.

Since AngryPanda already declared himself the Anti-Geek, I suppose I make a statement to that statement. I do like Nerd-Stuff. However that doesn´t necessarily mean I like Nerds. At least not Hardcore-Nerds. I state that it is possibly and also desirable not to allow the Geek inside you to take over completely. I say, it is possibly to like Transformers, especially Dinobots which should be obvious, and still preserve some dignity.

How to obtain that unlikely state you might ask?

Well, the answer is self-honesty. Don´t be afraid to admit that you have an affection for kids-stuff. It´s no use to pretend otherwise. Any attempt to glamorize that fact, or the products and franchises you like, will end up in a total disaster. There are times and places for your hobbies and the public is not necessarily it. Neither is your place of work. Do not attempt to convert anybody. This is very stupid. It is your hobby – not a religion.

That being said I will, of course, write about stuff I like and such I don´t.

It will be Nerd-Stuff for the most part, but not all the time.

Since my English isn´t that good it will take some time for me to write and publish my texts. However I will try to make my updates a daily routine as soon as possible. But then again you still have the Panda.

Thanks for reading.




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18 10 2010
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[…] to bother people in my regular hangouts (be they online or real) with. On the way I also picked up the Dino who helped to make sure that updates here come at least with some regularity. On that note I wanted […]

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