Strippers, Katanas, Dragons and Nazi-Zepelins?

2 08 2010

by AngryPanda

To make a good movie you need a good storyline, compelling narrative and actors who can portray the incredible character depth the script provided.

Or you can just pour pure awesomeness into it without caring about any of that shit.

The only way to screw this up is if it would be some sort of dream sequence music-video with horrible music. Otherwise it just has to be good. I’m not sure what I hope for. If they make a mix like this work it could be so awesome the universe explodes.




2 responses

2 08 2010

No, no, no, AngryPanda.
You got it all wrong.

This are no nazi-zepelins.
The scences in question obviosly show that this is WORLD WAR ONE. Therefore they are just Germans and not Nazis… yet… 😉

2 08 2010

I know, but it made a better headline like this 😉

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