Today on the Dark Side: Tea Parties

2 08 2010

by AngryPanda

So last week I talked about something that was a bit too political for my taste and I planned to not do it again. Today you will learn that I never stick to my plans….

Mostly because I found this:

What a bunch of stupid cuntsSource: PunditKitchen (yeah you can see that but it’s about the comments)

This is based on the motto of 4Chan. The stupidity required to mess with those guys is mind-boggling. And the worst part? That’s nothing. Most of you will already have noticed the real problem. If you didn’t don’t feel bad. Unlike people who claim to be religious you are not required to know. Go HERE and skip over the article. Now read the sign above again.

Thankfully I’m an atheist or I would go up the wall seeing that the same people who abuse the name of Jesus Christ to wage wars don’t even know anything about their own religion. Sometimes life as a miserable bag of hate has its upsides as I’m not even surprised that these empty shells of people who run only on ignorance and hate would defile their own religion like this. Well not a lot. This is on a level that sort of makes my brain try to squeeze out through my ears to escape the pain.

If you go through the comments you will find a funny little man (and I mean funny in the same way that this guy was hilarious) insulting democrats (who I don’t think are lefties? But what do I know..) and defending the tea-parties in the most offensive, uninformed and aggressive way possible. He goes by “zipper” and while I’m used to a lot of weirdness I have to say that this unholy crossbreed of your average internet troll and one of these people is horribly fascinating. It is one of the rare cases in which I don’t even feel the urge to insult someone. I just could not lower his status as a human being no matter what I write about him. While spewing hatred anc clichés he of course also tries to claim the opposite. Saying that there are black folks on the the parties that they aren’t racists etc. I don’t think that even deserves a comment but he’ll get one anyway:

Dear “zippers” of this world. You are fascist cunts. Every single one of you. At least show some guts and admit it. Thank you.

By now I’m convinced that it takes a very special mindset of “not wanting to learn” anything that does not fit a certain worldview to even keep that attitude. In the end I think the best I can do here is to show some of their best statements and let them speak for themselves:

“We will not be intimidated by your basement dwellers. The logo stays and we will deal with you here and on our other websites if need be and will prevail in the end.” Teaparty Facebook site on 4Chan being pissed about them stealing their slogan.

“What are anonymous some of those anarchjist wannabees??? WHo go into places where the PC cops arent allowed to take proper action and often have to stand by while the miscreants cause mayhem??? They better watch out if they try their tricks around the Tea-Partiers who more than likely will be armed and willing to shoot these perps as they are attempting to do crimes. Watch the dimbulb anarchist melt away when they cant ‘get away with it’ as they are usually allowed to and instead get the crap kicked out of them by armed grannies.” Zipper, on 4chan’s threats against the Teaparty’s website.

“Sorry dont know who ’4chan’ is. Some more internet wankers??? Just more tards who think they matter?? Nope, not worried about whatever antics the twerps get up to. If they commit crimes, they will face prosecution. If they get assistance from Dems in their crimes, those Dems will be prosecuted also.” Same Zipper after being told that messing with 4chan on the net is about as smart as invading Russia in winter. I’m capable of mustering a lot of hatred but I usually need some sort of information to fuel it. The capability of just spitting fire while admitting yourself that you don’t know what you are talking about amazes me.

“Your definition of ‘trolls’ ?????? When they turn out to be the majority are they still ‘troll’s or do YOU then become the ‘troll’ ????” And again zipper. This time answering on being called a troll. I think I’ll answer this one to finish this post: Yes. They are still trolls. I’m pretty sure they are already in the majority. But not your kind thankfully. If they were your USA would not have a black president (well done guys, more on that some other time). Higher numbers just make it worse. A thousand fascist-pigs are worse than just one.

Next up: More movies, games and comics! Promise.




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20 10 2010
Today on the dark side: Joe Miller « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] Mr Miller made one of those statements that can win arguments simply because it is so stupid on so many levels that it leaves your opponent stunned and unable to answer. So what’s wrong with it except the tiny difference in size between one city and Mexico? Let’s start with the obvious. Eastern Germany didn’t have an immigration problem not because of any borders or wall but because nobody wanted to go there! If someone did want to immigrate from the West he could not only do so but was welcomed with open arms and there was major media coverage since they used it as a propaganda event. It actually did happen. Especially some hardcore leftwing musicians and writers thought communism was the best thing since flying hamsters and went there hoping to live the dream. On the other hand, most sane human beings wanted to get away from there. That’s why around 3.5 million people fled to the West before the wall was finished. That’s right, the wall wasn’t intended to protect from immigration. It was built to keep people in! You can see that perfectly fine on the picture above. The western side of the wall is full of gravity since people could approach it without fear. On the inside things are a little different. Between the fences and the wall is what is known as the “death strip” a place in which according to official documents one to two hundred of their own citizens were shot to death while trying to escape the country. Since they are lying cunts it is pretty safe to assume the real number is a whole lot higher. The guards on the wall had orders to immediately shoot to kill in case of escape attempts. Yes this wall “reduced the flow” as Joe Miller has said. Only in an entirely different manner, for the purpose if imprisoning your own people and by spitting the face of freedom and human rights. What a remarkably suitable symbol for the tea party movement. […]

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