Sometimes you gota forget how jaded you are

3 08 2010

by AngryPanda

Sometime last week I stumbled over a new video from the Guild. They made a Bollywood musical act about games.

You can see the whole thing here. It’s worth it. I’ll wait.

My first reaction was mild disinterest since I had already seen a similar trick with Halo (ah screw it, go see that too. It’s hilarious). It took me until I was halfway through the video until I realized what an amazing thing I’m seeing here. A normal episode of the guild must be an incredible effort and what has went into that video is just mind-boggling. That I live in a time I can be so jaded I consider this normal is amazing beyond words. Those who didn’t grow up without the internet can not even begin to imagine the soul-crushing boredom that life was back then. People will tell you things were better too but that is only because the boredom fades out of it and the few moments of fun shine all the brighter. Believe me, it was hell and be glad if you missed it. A video like this would have been the talk for a year or more (not that anyone could have even made it). The effort and skill in this could probably not even be assembled without the net. We live in amazing times full of entertainment provided by creative and incredibly talented people. Yes not everything is for everyone but that is why it is so great. Unlike the bland taste of TV this stuff is made with passion. Some will love it, some hate it and some won’t care. But there’s enough for everyone. I personally hate the new stuff of the Nostalgia Chick but I’m still incredible glad she does what she does. Because someone will love it and it adds color to the whole mess here. In fact I see so many great or outrageous things online every day that I could write about it 24/7. Case in point: My dinner is getting cold while I’m writing this.

I hope every one who participates in things like this, not matter how big or small their contribution is proud of themselves. You’re awesome and you make all our life’s so much better.

PS: I promise I’m going back to being a miserable prick tomorrow.



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