DRM bites publishers in the ass

4 08 2010

by AngryPanda

DRM making sweet sweet love to you while the pirates enjoy the game.

Well, it has for quite a while but it hasn’t hurt enough. The company UNILOC “leader in device-based identification of network computers including PC’s, laptops, smartphones, netbooks, game consoles and needlessly complex sentences” has apparently patented the concept of “system for software registration”. They now sued Sony, Activision and whole bunch of other bloodsuckers for using their system that identifies specific computers.

Now while I think this is about as ridiculous as allowing someone to hold the patent for “some sort of flying machine” it is for once a case in which I don’t mind the weird and unfair patent-system. This might seem like a joke to you but this company has already won a battle at court at no one less than Microsoft itself even though they are still in appeal.

Considering the sort of insult the average DRM is I hope they win this and teabag the bled out corpses of at least some of these guys. Of course that’s not going to happen but I can dream and maybe it will be enough to at least hurt. I guess the result of a massive fine would mean they raise prices for games because it is only fair that the people who buy the games are not only harassed by the DRM but also pay for it. But don’t worry. No matter how bad things get the game-publishers are save. If worst comes to worst they can simply admit that DRM has no effect on piracy whatsoever and as such only exist to punish paying customers. With no measurable effect I’m pretty sure it doesn’t abuse any copyrighted functions either. Of course that would require them to understand this for themselves and, unless the hamsters running in the wheels that power their decision-making centers work overtime, I very much doubt they are capable of that.




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13 08 2010
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[…] will. It seems that the only logical actions are to either hit harder or withdraw from that market. The only hope is that it somehow blows up in their faces and I’m not even sure that would help.  I’ve talked to less extreme religious […]

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