From North Korea with love

4 08 2010

by AngryPanda

If there is anything like hell on earth it is North Korea. I don’t even want to go into the depressing details here but you can google this stuff and face horrors that make your own nightmares pale. I don’t have any words to even adequately describe the atrocities happening there so I won’t even try.

Editors note: At this point I considered scratching the post because it feels like bad taste to make fun of anything concerned with this. But what sort of blog would that be? Plus I haven’t offended anyone in a while. If the warmongering cunts absolutely must invade a country they should choose this. But I guess doing genuine good doesn’t go with their program.

So back on track. Some people have to deal with pretty bad shit like this:

And it looks like this will be more and more common.

I don’t think you can put a value on suffering but I guess that can still be topped by this:

I think these already are pretty common.

At least you usually only have to deal with one or the other. But then there’s the people living right on the North Korean border wich is probably worse than living next to Mordor. They get floods laced with landmines, washed down from the two mile wide death zone between the countries. Even worse the North can even cause these by opening dams. The full article is in the New York Times. I can’t help it but this has an almost biblical vibe to me, like rivers of blood or swarms of locusts. A flood bringing one of the most gruesome devices whose purpose is only to maim and kill would seem like a sign from a higher power to me if I believed in such things. Once more reality beats fiction, I don’t think you could make something up that’s nearly as crazy as this.




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16 08 2010
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[…] Any dipwit who wants to list B-/direct to DVD movies and cartoons now: please report to the North-Korean border and shout “Kim Il-sung sucks” at the top of your ling. This will establish you […]

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