Today on the Dark Side: The FBI

4 08 2010

by AngryPanda

Oh my god! The seal is here too! Please don't shoot me!

To be honest I’m not really sure if it is really the sort of people I consider on the Dark Side at work here. It might just be a case of muppets flailing around helplessly in a world they no longer understand. In any case. the FBI is threatening to sue Wikipedia (sometimes the instinct to hyperlink is a bit redundant. I’m sure you all heard of that site once or twice…) for showing their seal in the entry about them. It’s not even a very pretty seal, get of your high horse guys. Now if you had something like THIS we could talk about it. I do think this does count because misquoting the law to cut into freedom of information is exactly the sort of behavior I despise. Even if this case is a rather quaint example of men who should have important work to do stomping their feet and pointing fingers at the ebils of the internet. How they could honestly think that anyone could have any trouble finding their seal on the net is beyond me. Or are they afraid Wikipedia could be mistaken for the official FBI site? Well ok, maybe by Facebook users…

Here’s the link to the BBC article.




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