Transformers MMO: How it should be (Part 1: Introduction)

6 08 2010

by AngryPanda

So they are going to create a Transformers MMO.

After my initial reaction that left me spamming on the ground while foam came out of my mouth and my brain was caught in a feedback loop of incomparable joy was over I cleaned myself up and took stock of the situation in a more reasonable manner. As a friend said:

“I have to agree that the property has amazing possibilities but the implementation is bound to be a conservatively conceptualised linear progression-based Asian grindfest. Sadly I don’t know that any Western developer would make it much different except perhaps in the degree of grindiness. MMOs as a genre have much more potential than is being expressed in the current WoW-dominated generation of games.”

This is both very true and sad and I really have nothing to add to it. But for fuck’s sake I WISH it was wrong! Because THIS just deserves better. Unfortunately reality sucks and the gaming industry tries to emulate it with disembodied gun-holding hands in brown shitholes or by trying way too hard to be WoW. So I’m going for a bit of shameless self-indulgence here and start a series of “news” about the game, just we are all used from the designers during game creation. Mostly basic mechanics, classes and gameplay. Just in case this wasn’t clear enough: NOTHING OF THE FOLLOWING POST IS IN ANY WAY CONNECTED TO THE REAL GAME! The only real news are the ones I mentioned before. Everything else from now on is just wishful thinking. You ready? Transform and roll out!

Release news: Transformers “Fuck we’re awesome” (TFWA)

Concept art for "TFWA".

We here at Uncreative-Cunts Corp. are excited to present the first concepts for our upcoming Transformers MMO. As soulless drones that couldn’t give a fuck about the franchise we worked hard to create an engine feels exactly like WoW and slap some newly created disneyeque  Transformer skins over it. You would have been incredibly excited at our story driven, immersive campaign that always gives you a new reason to hunt ten cyber-pigs. We intended to advertise heavily with your ability to transform into a variety of different vehicles, none of which would have mattered since we wanted to do it like Aion and only let you use it into a fraction of the games areas for no discernible reason. We had robot-form only bossfights, stolen directly from the Everquest/WoW-model of MMOs that would have given your epic armor pieces like “Megatron’s shoulder pads” or incredible weapons like the “+10 sword with a slight sci-fi skin”. Unfortunately an angry god cursed our cooperate headquarter and every one of our suit-wearing managers was strangled by his own tie. So now we had a bunch of interns left who didn’t have every ounce of creativity burned out of them by status reports and motivational speeches yet. So now I’m handing over to our lead designer Mr T. Cat.

Hello everyone! Well, let’s get right to the meat shall we? The first thing we did was scratch the orignal concept (and my butt) and redesign the look to what you see on the wallpaper above. Go us! Then we thought about what our most important tenants should be. We decided to build the game around an open world sandbox principle, skill based combat and of course transforming itself. This last one should feature hugely in every aspect of the game since after-all that is what the title is all about. For this we combined shooter based combat from concepts like “War for Cybetron” and combat heavy racing games like “Wipeout”.  Humanoid controls are based on attack switching, dodges, blocks, jumps and anything else your used to but the whole setup changes the moment you go to  vehicle-form which controls more like the racing-games you are used to. One of the most important aspects is that you can transform absolutey anytime and anythere in the fraction of a second. It’s a perfectly valid tactic to change in the middle of a bossfight to get in position behind him and in many cases this is even necessary as almost no encounter in “TWFA” is static. Transformers move. A lot.”TFWA” is build around this concept. Based on a major continent of Cybertron (We are saving other regions and earth for expansions, but this is what we know we must have) the whole gameworld consists of a giant city, laced with tracks and bridges that go through impossible angles all over the surface and even in the air. The player characters can race up the sides of buildings, transform, engage jump jets and land on a street a hundred feet above them within seconds, the game-world is intended to feel like a giant racing track and playground rather than a series of walls keeping you limited to your current form and course.

To give you an overview on how the game I’m going to explain the four major gameplay elements: Gameworld, Upgrades/Crafting, Transforming and Action:

-Gameworld: The game is set on Cybetron in a time of chaos and strife. The continent is controlled by several competing factions of Autobots (allowing for Arena matches and controlled PVP. The Autobots are in friendly competetion but the real enemy is the Decepticon threat. Player control the heroic Autobots in their competition against each other and their war against the Decepticons. Sadly it isn’t possible to play Decepticons right from the start. In the section about transforming you will see how much effort we put into those mechanics and while it is worth the wait for the “Civil War” expansion to play Decepticons instead of having two half-assed games right from the start. Autobot factions are led by iconic characters like Utra-Magnus and Elita-1 who charge the players with dangerous missions (see “Action” next week) to secure the victory over the Decepticons and to improve their combat abilities and upgrades.

-Crafting/Upgrades: Transformers rarely use equipment that is not integrated into their form (except guns). As such most “loot” comes in parts from destroyed Decepticons that can be used to upgrade your various abilities. Want to jump higher? Get stronger jump-jets. Drive faster? New engine. Imagine every possible upgrade from any mecha and racing games and you get close  to what we got here. Crafting and equipment are closely tied together. You can rarely just pick up something and just stick it into your chest. the various professions allow to integrate upgrades gained from defeated foes. A skilled mechanic can not only fit you with that new engine block, he can even improve the effect depending on his skill level. While a cyberdoc can mold that new anti-missile system into your shoulder slot. Chameleon coating can cover you, energy packs power up your weapon and servos increase your strength. With the right loot and crafter you can upgrade almost anything. This should create an active economy with both crafting and combat having it’s place in it.

Next Week: Transforming, Action and a first peek on the character-classes!




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