Transformers MMO: How it should be (Part 2: Mechanics)

9 08 2010

by AngryPanda

You don't wanna mess with me motherfucker

Hello everyone, it’s Mr T. Cat again. So last week we introduced you to the core game and a first hint of the mechanics of our new MMO: Transformers “We’re fucking awesome!” (TWFA).

Disclaimer: All this stuff is just wishful thinking. The only real facts are HERE. In all likelihood the game is going to suck. So this is me dreaming. If you’re dumb enough to believe it’s true please contact me. I have a highly profitable business proposal for you.

As promised last week we are going to talk about the transforming mechanics and how the action works. Both are closely related. But first we are going to catch up to something we missed out on last week.

-Leveling: In TFWA you don’t level in the classical sense. You don’t get arbitrary increases in HP and Damage. Instead you gain more skills and upgrade slots that you can use to improve. Thicker armor, a multifire skill for you arm lasers. A tripe shot upgrade for said same laser. You get the picture. It is easiest to improve in the things your class excels at but you can work on other areas too. It takes more effort but you tank might still specialize in a shoulder mounted long-range cannon and targeting systems instead of melee.  As said in “Crafting/Upgrades” you can put various devices into your Autobot to increase his abilities. Most “levelups” give you the option to install more of these. Usually requiring materials from missions and a crafter to install them. Nothing worth getting is ever easy. If you don’t like it you can lick my tiny furry ass.

-Transforming: About time we get to the good stuff isn’t it? We’ve put a lot of thought into the transforming. One one hand we wanted to give a lot of options from jet-fighter to tape decks. On the other the game should include a racing mechanic and as such every Autobot should be able to transform into a car of roughly equal stats to participate in that element of the game. Especialy since that aspect of movement is vital in getting around Cybetron which is basically a giant self regenerating racetrack. After much thought the original cartoons provided our answer: Triple-Changers! For those who don’t know what that is, a Triple-Changer as the name implies is a Transformer with not two but three different forms. In our continuity the Autobots have perfect the Triple-Changer update and their most advanced troops can get it. What this means is that every Autobot can transform into a car from the start. All these cars play by the same rules although they are slightly different (like the choice in most racing games). They can be upgraded and will remain the most important travelform throughout the game as well as feature heavily in the racing mechanic. Every class transforms into a slightly different style of car.

  • Tanker: Vans, SUV’s and other stuff like that. (Tough but not the best acceleration)
  • Scrapper: Sleek Sportscars (Fast, great maneuverability but very breakable)
  • Defender: Ambulances, Firetrucks and other utility-Vehicles (we looked for a fancy word for average but they are average..)
  • Blaster: Military cars, security-vehicles (Better armament than other vehicle forms)

Just like your robot-form, your vehicle-form will be upgraded over time too. Most upgrades provide advantages for both forms, so you do not have to specialize in one while neglecting the other. While requiring some effort it is also possible to reformat your vehicle-form with a major XP and upgrade investment. As such you might end up with a tank who can turn into a sportscar or any other combination. You will lose your original vehicle form though. Each Autobot only transforms into one car. But once you get closer to the endgame and invest into your Triple-Changer upgrade you will be able to take another vehicle form. This form is dependent on your class and an addition to you basic vehicle form. The Tripleform will have special abilities and might require constant energy expenditure and might not be viable for the racing mini games. But it will provide you with major flexibility in combat and in some cases even flight. If you want to know what class can take what form don’t miss our newsbreak on the different classes later this week.

-Action: In TFWA you can get involved in the action in more ways than you can count. There’s open world combat against rogue robots infecting Cybetron (Sharkticons anyone?), Taksforces that let you run instanced gauntlet missions with set goal (find the transoforming cog to get Metroplex ready before Trypticon attacks) large-scale Decepticon invasions that require all active players in the open to fight them off,  instanced raids and world bosses that can be taken on anytime by any group bold enough to face them. Combat is modelled more like classic action games than your normal MMO attack chain click bar. You dodge, parry, and even sweep at your enemies feet, mostly depending on your play style and what moves you learned/upgraded. Many scenarios and enemies will require you to make the most of both your forms as Taskforces need you to move fast and bosses move around. As Deceticons can usually fly you will have to use the 3D suroundings of Cybertron to full effect, racing up walls and leaping between tracks will be all in a days work for you. In addition the game will include racing challenged, some instanced, some open world. Some with combat, some without. But either way you will always have some reason to drive fast.

Stay tuned for part 3 that will go into classes!




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9 08 2010
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12 08 2010
13 08 2010

This is awesome!
I wish you would be the one developing the game… I would play it 😀

10 02 2011

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