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10 08 2010

by AngryPanda

I talked about DC Online before and I was mighty worried (also rude but that’s me). In the meantime we got some more news on the things and I have to say once you get past the usual empty marketing hype some things don’t look quite as grim as I feared from the start. First of all we got an article from John Funk who got to play it a bit and he had some interesting things to say. But first I want to get something from my chest. I often don’t agree with this guy but… John Funk? That’s really his name? That is awesome! Why isn’t my name John Funk? Seriously, that’s the best name I ever heard, even better than Stormhammer Deathclaw Firebrand. I’m officially jealous and some day my mom and I got to have a serious talk about why my name isn’t John Funk. But I guess I have to get to the point here so let’s collect his most important statements:

  • Any hardcore MMOG player would rightly recognize Harley’s base of operations – in an abandoned Gotham City amusement park – as your typical instanced dungeon, but what was interesting was that it was completely a solo affair. While you can bring a friend or two along, DCUO‘s episode conclusions are meant to be tackled by lone heroes, boss fights and all.
  • It took me a few minutes to get the hang of playing the game on the PS3 controller, but the combat ends up feeling much more like a standard action game than your typical MMOG.
  • The physics were impressive for an MMOG – while not on the level of Crysis or even the Half-Life 2 games, it was nice to see some serious attention paid to environment interaction.

This does sound like good stuff. Single player game combat would be a nice step away from babysitting attack-chains and cooldowns. I see why games had to be build like this back in the dark ages but with todays connection something a little more immersive would be nice. The interactive environment sounds like an even bigger step in that direction. Maybe cover, thrown objects and pushing enemies from a building might actually matter. The console part does seem to have a surprisingly positive influence. Oh yeah and also it’s not for XBox so you won’t get screamed at by angry teenaged XBox-Live players who want their über-killspree now so they can go back to masturbating over their box of HALO.

Next up we got some more infos from the developers. This reveals a little more about the background of the world and the mechanics, although it isn’t much. There’s also a lot more of the usual empty promises and an explanation of the “armor” system. It lets you look how you like but I still think using armor at all is a bad move for a superhero game shows they haven’t really committed to something different.

  • Brainiac invades a world where most of the heroes and villains have killed each other off, having drained most of them of their powers by little machines called “exobytes.” Lex Luthor, not enjoying living in a post-Brainiac world, travels back in time and releases the exobytes onto the earth to create more heroes (and villains) to keep the world un-invaded so he can keep on keeping on with his villain gig.
  • You need to engage in melee combat to generate resources to activate your powers. Because you need to use melee combos to activate your superpowers, the designers want to encourage healing-type heroes to get up in a boss’ face rather than staying in the back and spamming heals.
  • There will also be “races” in the game to test these movement powers, though the designers teased that friends would be able to interfere with races by, say, throwing buses at people
  • The trick for the villains is to make them feel like villains – so instead of beating up other thugs like in City of Villains, you’ll be screwing with civilians. One task has would-be-evildoers helping Brother Blood to resurrect Trigon by turning innocent people at a magic show into horrible demons, and you can be sure that those on the Joker path will be delivering doses of his laughing gas soon enough.
  • Naturally, there will be loot – though given the superhero nature of the game and its presence on the PS3 as well as the PC, it’s not the standard MMOG system.

The background sounds pretty sweet and it really gives a reason why the world is suddenly overrun with an army of super-powered twats all competing who can squeeze into the shortest tights. While I like their attempt at action gaming and forcing the screaming little healers into actual combat I’m not sure I like the idea of a system that absolutely forces you into melee combat. Their should be characters who fight on range. Still it could work. Most comic book heroes seem to go for the “first in face” solution a lot even if it isn’t their specialtiy. There’s also more talk about the environment and this part sounds very promising. It would be fun to move through a city that isn’t indestructable or feels like an artsy background painting (Aion actually did this, you got to see it to believe it.). All in all these guys might be the first who try to infuse some “fun” into the gameplay which would be like a brand new day for superhero MMOs, only without sucking ass. Lastly I love that villains get to be evil. They already made the comparison to City of Villains and that really was just the other game painted red. Even if the color was taken from a menstruating pig that doesn’t make it evil, just disgusting. Maybe this will even share an open world in which heroes and villains get to smash each other in the face, have some good PVP-fun and their usual homoerotic rivalries.

Carefully going through the available information and weighing the pros and cons I think this leaves us with only two questions:

How do I get in the beta and why don’t I have an awesome name like John Funk?!



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10 08 2010
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Yu Watanabe

Located your internet site via google the other day and absolutely adore it. Continue the truly amazing work.

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