Spambots are strange

10 08 2010

by AngryPanda

Evil robots truly are among us. But instead of trying to exterminate us they’re selling us Viagra. Somehow I think that’s worse. The sites spam filter ate a comment today and I’m going to share it with all my readers (all 3 of you…) in its full glory.

Paris Hilton was voted the Most Overrated Celebrity in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007, but here it is three years later and the paparazzi, plus 2.3 million Twitter fans, are still following her every move. She’s put out bad albums, horrible movies, had more run-ins with the law than Lindsay Lohan, and the world forgives her every time. That’s just the thing: Paris is out there in the trenches (of St. Tropez) proving that there is no such thing as bad press, all while making her dreams of being a “blond icon” come true.
-Paris Hilton Sex-*
It was the of swimming off the luxury Paris hilton and her friends attracted plenty of attention from glamorous partygoers. But the socialite, who is joined on the trip by sister Nicky Hilton, 26, wasn’t too tired for yacht that’s become her temporary home in the Med. Paris was seen looking toned paris hilton sex tapes are here for the celebrity sexy naked all day long. and model-thin in a teeny-tiny striped string bikini, as she bravely jumped up and down on the boat perfect end to the day at the chic beach one night in paris club the Voile Rouge at Moorea Beach and a spot ‘s diving board before plunging into the sea. She then got on to a white lilo and had yet another bottle of Cristal Champage handed to her, which she duly opened and sprayed over the Med.
-paris hilton sex tape-*
Now that the internet has become cheaper, faster and more and more available, everybody wants to watch online movies like the very appealing One Night In Paris. The reason for this growing trend is probably because of the fact that like most commodities or services on the internet that used to be commercial and directly profit oriented, online video streaming has eventually become cheaper until it finally became a free service, which could either be because of fierce competition or simple demand from the online consumers. But point is many people want to watch movies online now because it’s all for free and it’s never going to change.

*Guess what was a hyperlink before I broke it.

Now I can only guess how much of a phenomenon Paris Hilton must be that they think a text about her would not attract attention at all. Now that I think about it any comment here attracts attention because the whole site has about five. Way to make me feel loved you bastards. No wonder I’m such a miserable git… . Anyway, what I find even more interesting is that this thing went into the article about Cow Clicker which I wrote in the very beginning and that by now is buried under three pages of other random garbage. How do these things work? Shouldn’t they at least look for current entries to be obnoxious and lure morons into their traps?

Dear spam-bots, please leave me alone. The only people braindead enough to fall for you are Facebook-Users and I insult them on such a regular basis that none should be left reading the site. Thank you.

PS: You may return once you have evolved to killer-robots. That might be stupid and self-destructive of me but I really do love killer-robots.




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