The new Medal of Honor: Have you finally lost your minds?!

11 08 2010

Sweet mother of mercy, this one has to qualify for the "stupidest idea that doesn't involve the use of chainswaws or piranhas ever"-award

by AngryPanda

Seriously, I blame FPS-gamers for many things. From the frighteningly fast decent of all video games into versions of the same clone of rust colored mud-wading, gun-wielding, ego-stroking bullshit to insane asylum that is Xbox-Live. Pretty high on the list is the bad standing video games have in the public. Because both these sorts of games and the people who play them are usually not something a sane human being wants to see compared to themselves. Especially on TV. But in that last case I usually side with them. Not because I like them or their games but because the people who want to ban their games are a stupid scared mob of inbred nutjobs who would not be able to draw the line. They’d just as soon claim that WoW or even Super Mario is too violent. You can’t give ground to them, not an inch. So while FPS-player maybe the smelly cousin Igor from the basement he is still family and these people want to burn our whole bloodline. This is one of the few cases in which I’d unconditionally side with them.  I’d never consider them dangerous or evil or whatever the twats might call them. So in that one case I’d actually call us a gamer community and defend even their hobby. Until today:

The new Medal of Honor let’s you play as bloody Taliban!

You know, those nice homicidal guys who live in caves, blow up people and hijack planes. EA Dice, I don’t care what your game is about you twats but this is insane. Your “just a game” excuse is as weak as a starving midget, even amongst games and it certainly won’t fly with its enemies. This is giving people like Micheal Atkinson exactly what they need to sell worried parents why games absolutely need to be banned. Half of Europe and Australia are already fighting to get their games at all and this will only make it worse. And help push the same agenda in the US. Don’t think these people are not there. They are everywhere, like a plague. If you leave them alone they might sink their teeth into something else again but this is just provoking it. And you know what? In this case they would be right with their views! This is tasteless shit that should not be made. I get why it is done. They have to compete with Modern Warfare and their “terrorist level” drew tons of attention and causes a massive hardon from the HARDCORE!, practically giving them free advertising. Medal of Honor now wants to go even further. It makes sense. It’s like going to full-blown sex after seeing the teens like tits. It also makes the whole business look absolutely horrible for the rest of the world. We are still a minority, no matter how large the numbers the game companies throw around might be. Of course they make a lot of money. Games are bloody expensive. If you go by sold units even Modern Warfare can’t compete with an average summer blockbuster. It doesn’t help to make gamers look like murderous psychopaths dwelling in their basements and waiting for a chance to massacre schoolkids as their morning entertainment. And how will this go on? Naturally Modern Warfare will want to be even more edgy with their next installment. Can you shoot the president? Or does it go right out and have a flight simulator with a level in which you crash a plane in to the World Trade Center? Willother games follow? Can you beat Grand Theft Auto with a new series about child molesting. I never thought the day would come but I miss the rule of HALO. At least it was a game. Fiction! I guess even that is too GAY for the HARDCORE now.

This is not hardcore, or edgy or daring. This is garbage, catering to the sort of degenerated freak with issues that needs to see people’s heads blown off to feel even a bit of excitement while feeling oh so mature. Worse it is stupid, unnecessary and short-sighted.  I realize asking gamers to not buy this is like asking a shark to pass by the blond babe who swam too far out but seriously, draw the line. This is only going downhill from here and every gamer will suffer for it.



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