Transformers MMO: How it should be (Part 3: Classes, Tanker and Blaster)

12 08 2010

by Angry Panda

It’s time to jump back into my favorite delusions again. Once again, the only true facts about the Transformers MMO are HERE. Everything else is wishful thinking. It’s also awesome and no more wrong than most press releases you might as well waste you time with it. So let’s have it again from lead designer Mr T. Cat!

Previously in this series:

Still reading? Good for you, because today we get into the stuff people really want to know. Classes! We (read: all the people in the delusional panda’s head…) thought long and hard about this one. Should we have classes at all? If so how many? In the end we decided that an MMO-structure will profit from different basic classes to promote more diverse characters. At the same time we wanted people to stay flexible. So instead of creating a dozen complicated classes like “Shadowstalker”, “Technomage” and “Irish-Linedance”  for TFWA we instead settled for the four most basic and classic roles on MMOs. If you paid attention you already saw them in the chapter about transformation last time.

  • Tanker: The name says it all. Tough and specialized on close range fighting.
  • Blaster: Heavily armed fighters, who sacrifice armor for long-range firepower. Snipers and heavy gunners and all those types.
  • Scrapper: Close Range damage dealers and masters of obscure combat techniques like the “five servos of doom”.
  • Defender: Reliable soldiers with medium range weaponry, and variety of support tools like nano repair drones and emp pulse weapons.

As you can see the different classes are the very basics. The trick here is that these are just frameworks. Your starting hull you could say. The direction of your upgrades is entirely up to you. A Blaster simply has more weapon slots and fewer armor plates than a Tank but that doesn’t mean he can’t upgrade in that direction. You will always gain the fastest and most efficient results by playing to the strength of your class. But by combining certain powers you can change your function in many ways and if you are patient enough you could even create a heavily armored sniper who was once a defender. With the description of each class we will also present and example of an alternative build. Bear in mind that this is just one of the many options to develop that class. Today we are going to introduce you to the Tanker and the Blaster Class.


His name is IRONHIDE!

These Autobots are built with bones of steel and badassium armor plating. They are the juggernauts of the battlefield, defeating their enemies through a mix of toughness, brute strength and their sheer mass. Facing a Tanker in melee is not a prospect anyone should relish, their brute strength can deal massive damage, knock enemies down and even emergency attacks and CC-Powers might just be repelled by their armor.

Tactics: A Tank’s place is on the frontlines. He does almost all his damage in melee and this is there he should be. While close to his enemies he can pummel them down and use his massive strength and size to protect his fellow Autobots. A simple footstomp from one of these warriors can be enough to send lighter bots flying. Tanks will try to aggressively knock their enemies down and take them apart with devastating single target attacks. At range their pistols provide some firepower but it is usually wiser to just transform and take the enemy head-on.

Prefered Weapons: Like all classes Tanks usually specialize in their in build weaponry (For which they gain the highest bonuses, but can pick up others) which tends to be either bare firsts, a melee weapon like an axe or club and a heavy pistol.

Special abilities: Tank armor can easily be upgraded to resist special damage types, provide resistances to status effects and even become an offensive weapons through sheer mass and weight. Using their amazing strength they can even provide crowd control by knocking enemies down or throwing them. Their special attacks usually destroy the surrounding landscape too and while this often causes their enemies to slide and fall, they themselves are largely immune to such effects.

You can outrun the Tank but not it's cannon...

Triple-Change: Apart from their usual vehicle-form of heavy vans and s.u.vs Tankers near the endgame can acquire the ability to transform into a battletank. The prefered method of taking out a Tanker is holding him down with firepower at long-range but this new ability takes care of that problem. The battletank-form is slow but all but immune to all slow-effecs and as such allows the Tank to move through almost anything. All that helps here is run away from him. Even worse this form is even tougher than their robot form. A battletank will be a hard target to destroy even for several enemies at once. Last but not least it has a powerful long-range cannon. While not as dangerous as his melee skill this will still make sure that enemies can not afford to ignore and outrun a battletank for long.

Alternate build: Among the many options to go different roads with your Tanker one of the most popular should be the what we like to call the “heavy gunner“. With special upgrades a Tanker can get the ability to use his battletank-cannon even on robot-form by having it mounted on his arm, shoulder or chest. By further upgrading his ranged damage and picking appropriate skills he can then turn himself into a heavily armed gun-point, blasting away at extreme range while keeping more armor than any Blaster will ever have. A Tanker who goes this way would have to sacrifice many other options, most likely from mobility since he will no longer need to get close to the enemy.


If you got six laser cannons BEFORE you even pick up a weapon you mean buisness.

No no, not THAT Blaster… . These Autbots are built to carry immense weaponry and have the power cores to provide them with the full destructive energy they need. Blasters can specialize in virtually every weapon and will still be dangerous with all the other ones. And that’s not even mentioning their build-in inherents. This destructive power comes at a price though. Blasters have weak armor virtually no special powers that can protect them from status effects. As a Blaster you hit hard, fast and preferably from a distance. On the bright side you carry so much firepower that you can destroy many enemies before they even reach you.

Tactics: A Blaster deals damage. If he does so as a stationary sniper, a mobile missile silo or (if he feels really daring) even as a highly breakable but devastating close combat specialist is largely up to his own taste. The important thing is to destroy the enemy before he can destroy you. The ability of a Blaster to deal damage both at range and with a large area of effect is unmatched by any other Class. In addition they often use secondary effects of their weapons. Such as energy drain for lightning attacks, knockback from missiles or even stuns from gravitational cannons.

Prefered weapons: Blasters have the most integrated weapons of any class and will have access to strong ranged firepower no matter how they specialize. The difference comes from the weapons they pick up. They mostly favor long-range weapons like sniper rifles, missiles or pulse cannons. Their high damage multiplier means that any weapon will serve them well though. Nobody wants to be hit by one wielding a lightsaber.

Special abilities: As mentioned before Blasters have the ability to deal high damage with any weapon they pick up.  They also have powerful reactors that can provide large amounts of energy for those weapons using it as ammo. If worst comes to worst they often even have integrated “panick button” attacks that can unleash a volley from their internal weapons on short-range that just might be enough to finish of enemies who thought they finally caught up with them. Since their vehicle-forms have high acceleration abilities and a Blaster will often transform to redeploy in the middle of combat.

Once they reach earth they might transform into normal combat jets. People will find that much less threatening. Wait...

Triple-Change: Like other classes Blasters can upgrade to Triple-Changers near the endgame. In their case they gain the ability to transform into jets. Maintaining jet-form eats heavily on your energy but it is immensely fast, capable of full 3D movement and even retains a lot of the robot-forms firepower. And yes this is real flight, no tricks, no limits to certain zones. The downsides are that the jets can’t slow down a lot so you have to go back into robot form if you want to do more than short airstrikes against a specific enemy. On a large-scale battle that doesn’t stop you from simply carpet bombing the place though. Once more, you can use this form everywhere. If you can pilot a plane at high-speed (that’s the slowest they get…) through a tunnel is of course your problem, but you are welcome to try.

Alternate builds: As mentioned above some extremely suicidal Blaster pick up melee weapons. While this does high damage it also puts you harms way of the rather unpleasant attacks from Tankers and Scrappers so this sort of Blaster should invest heavily in armor upgrades, heavier endoskeleton, anti-emp shielding, etc. A less work-intensive example of an alternate build would be the “controller” who uses his weapon slots for special weapons like liquid-nitrogen missiles, emp-blasters and similar things. All Blaster have these to a certain extend but if you use all your weaponry for it and get appropriate upgrades and skills you can change the playable completely from damage to crowd control. Of course in this case you will need a friend to actually finish off the enemies but that is the price of overspecialization. Still, your groups will love you and if you are part of a jet-squadron the others will cut through your enemies like a hot knife through butter with your help.

Next time in TFWA: Scrappers, Defenders and one BIG suprise!




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12 08 2010

Are you sure this jet is no GUNDAM?

10 02 2011
7 04 2011

Kyrios or Arios in fact Dino.

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