Looks like I was wrong about Sega

13 08 2010

by Angry Panda

Well, not really. But at least someone there still loves the blue little speedster Sonic. My co-workers tend to do some elaborate shit to surprise someone and prepare their workplace but this is a whole new level. I’m baffled by the amount of planning that has to be involved even in planning this thing. I bet setting it up paled in comparison. This is a really amazing recreation of the old Sonic levels, they even have the billboard with Dr. Robotnik’s/Sonic’s face on them. I expressed my appreciation for Sonic in an older post and I have to say that for one of the few people left who care about that name this is absolutely heartwarming. And I don’t mean the camaraderie. That has to be pretty impressive in that office. Still, that’s just people… . The blue hedgehog is there it’s at!




One response

13 08 2010

It’s absolutely awesome! D:
and so is Sonic! ❤

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