Military Science-Fiction

16 08 2010

by AngryPanda

This video is an amazingly good cut. The scenes from the original video are hilarious and funny enough not even too wrong because you really can’t know what people would like so far in the future.  I certainly couldn’t predict Lady Gaga and it doesn’t get more pessimistic than me.

Also this reminded me of Starship Troopers in itself, a strange beast of a movie that the nerds hated for not being like the books, the pretentious-shits hated for being militaristic  and everyone else seemed to love even if they wouldn’t admit it after making it a smashing success. What made this thing so strange was the same fact that made it sort of controversal. It was Military Sciece-Fiction, a genre very huge in novels and practically non-existent in western movies and series. With the exception of one season of Space: Above and Beyond, killed by FOX as apparently the laws of god say these things should go. Considering how succesful the movie was I really don’t get why they never made another. Any dipwit who wants to list B-/direct to DVD movies and cartoons now: please report to the North-Korean border and shout “Kim Il-sung sucks” at the top of your lungs. This will establish you as a unique and clever individual.

50% of this series is anoying. The rest is so awesome that it is still better than most things you'll ever see.

Strange enough Animé seems to love this form, the most weird creation for me being Crest of Stars, in which they shamelessly use half their time of using a whiny princess and her even way more useless boyfriend going through boring awkward stories on planets nobody cares about to a war in space, covering large-scale strategy, atrocities of war and giant battles the like you rarely get to see. I could write a whole series about japanese series in this genre, the most succesful even going so far as counting almost as their own genres by now, like GUNDAM and Macross. Sometimes they even get made into kickass live-action movies. I could dig out other examples if such series all day but right now it’s time to go back to the west.

Why don’t we have this genre? It is obviously massively popular in both literature and video-games. Maybe the reason is simply that it is inherently expensive to make as you can never get by with small-scale scenes but somehow I just think movies and TV are still the most uncreative medium we have. Stargate proved how it can be done with a small and large budget (later in the series) and produced the most succesful western sci-fi series that ever stood on its own feet. Until it forgot all that and ruined it with a  younger and hipper god-awful sequel. No Star Trek doesn’t count. Their fanboys are loud but their series don’t actually make money. It’s just one of those things that feeds of its own name.

I’d get to the point now but I don’t think I actually have one. At the very least you can play the above song to anyone who tells you how awesome HALO is and watch them melt like the wicked witch. As for myself I’m sick so while I’m not busy whimpering like a little girl I’ll go back to playing a much better game now.

Edit: Honorable mention to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which clearly starts to move from space opera to military sci-fi. I’ll write about that some other time.



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