The future is now!

16 08 2010

by NiceDino

Remember that bad-ass future we were all waiting for in the eighties? Well it is finally here. Don´t believe me?

How about this:

We now have radioactive contaminated woods on fire!

This is no joke and probably old news by now, but it´s true.

As some of you might have heard, Russia is currently devastated by enormous forest fires. This fires now have reached an area which was heavily contaminated by fallout from the Chernobyl disaster. Since radiation can´t be destroyed, it is simply dissolved from the contaminated bio-matter by the fire. Thus the irradiated wood turns into irradiated ashes which are dispersed by the wind. Where these irradiated particles may travel, no one can know for sure, since this depends on weather conditions.

This is no laughing matter. I don´t intend to make fun of this. But I can´t help to be just a little astonished. This is the kind of news you would expect from a bad-ass cyberpunk flick. A Robocop newsflash for example. Now it is reality.

The future is now.

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