Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (1992)

18 08 2010

by NiceDino

The original five Sailor Senshi, with Sailor Moon right in the center.

You may love or hate Sailor Moon, but no one can deny that it was this series which managed to bring the japanese animation into the western hemisphere. This is why everyone who likes that kind of stuff, is undeniable deeply indebted to this series.


However in my case that doesn´t matter since I like this series anyway. In fact Sailor Moon is incredible popular, amongst all ages and even with both genders.


For an Anime/Manga of the Magical-Girl genre, this is pretty outstanding, because these are typically made for a younger, for the most part female, audience. So, what is the secret behind the popularity of this series?





Even though quantity is considered by many to be the extreme opposite of quality, this is not true. These two do not exclude one another. Sailor Moon is a fine example of that. The cast of this series is extremely large. Much larger than that of an average show of this type. But the characters are elaboratewith much attention to detail and extremely individual. One might think of Chibiusa as annoying, the next may dislike Mamoru (which I think is really unforgivable), but since the cast is so big, everybody will find someone to their liking.





For a Magical-Girl series the plot is unusually complex. You can even call it epic. At least Sailor Moon is not about some fantasy realm beyond a mirror (if you ignore Nehellenia), but interplanetary, later on even interstellar, conflicts to be exact. Of course all of that is embedded into a genre-typical packaging, but if it were not it wouldn´t be a Magical-Girl series any more but rather a space opera a la Star Wars.





Sailor Moon is much cooler than any other of it´s competitors by far. No one can deny that. All I have to do to prove this is to list names and terms which are used in the show: Silver Millennium, Moon Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo, Neo-Queen Serenity, Death Phantom, Nemesis, Messiah of Silence, Holy Grail, Outer Solar System Warriors, Endymion, Helios, and the names of all planets known at the time, some dwarf planets and the names of more gems and semi-precious stones than I can remember. The only thing missing, which would make the series even cooler, are Lasers. Wait… they have that.



Unusual combination


Naoko Takeuchi, the creator of Sailor Moon, was bold enough to include an element in this series that is of an entire different genre. We are talking about team-based fights, with multiple combatants mostly wearing colorful uniforms. This stylistic element originated from the so-called Tokusatsu genre, like the Super Sentai Series for example, who´s most likely western equivalent would be the Superhero genre. Takeuchi is herself an admirer of the Super Sentai series and thus was inspired by it. The team-based fights are also one of the reasons why Sailor Moon is that popular among males. Since the Tokusatsu genre is first and foremost aimed at a male audience, the implementation of this stylistic element within Sailor Moon made it interesting for this demography as well. This is  almost too obvious to name it, but I think the numerous pretty girls and miniskirts helped too. All the more since the Sailors are more mature than the average Magical-Girls.





Logically this only refers to the TV-Show. The soundtrack is of very good quality and includes the complete spectrum of emotions. From happy-funny to dead-serious till deep melancholy everything is present. I hardly know any other TV-show or movie soundtrack, which covers the entire range of emotions so thoroughly and completely.



So much for Sailor Moon. I could go on praising this series forever. But this was done by enough people already so I’ll stop now. Is there even any one who still doesn´t know this series? I hope not. Otherwise you shall be punished in the name of the moon!


Thanks for reading


NiceDino ^^




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