Someone should tell Blizzard…

23 08 2010

by AngryPanda

Yes, I could see this working on a console.

… that the lifetime of a console generation is something around 8 years. Since everyone and their dog want to do console games right now Blizzard of course has to talk about it too. Despite the fact that they drown in money from their PC-Gaming. Nevermind though,it gives me a chance to dream of Rock n’ Roll Racing 2. Apparently they already decided to forget about their ill-fated attempt to go that way with Starcraft: Ghost (they apparantly haven’t forgotten Nova though, she appears in Starcraft II and wants you to betray your friend because…. .. . well I guess she thinks being blond is all the argument she needs). Instead they now say that their Diablo franchise would be the best thing to bring to consoles. Source.

I can’t say I disagree but with the hilarious development-history Blizzard had with Diablo in the past I doubt they’d manage to get one out in the lifetime of a current gen console. Let’s face it, if they started working on it right now we’d be looking at the XBox “Balls of Steel” and the Playstation 4 (which would cost 2000 bucks and be sold solely on the merits of reading the new data crystal format) by the time they released it. I like Blizzard’s “it’s done then it’s done” approach because it really is the only way to assure a quality product but you can take it too far on a single player game and if it wasn’t for Duke Nukem forever taking the crown of “most ridiculous amount of time wasted by wanking to internet porn” it would have that title. As a better comparison: If Blizzard had already been working on Diablo 3 and released it next week it would most likely run on this:

And since the new tower of doom PS3 is no longer backwards compatible on behalf on Sony being a bunch of douche-canoes I'd get a good laugh out of this.




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