What is it with the retro Star Wars?

23 08 2010

by AngryPanda

Star Wars has been around for a good while and is by all reasonable standards a “classic”. It’s been old before some of the current movie goers were born. As such it is of course one of those things there you can say that the old standards will ever again be reached, that they changed the world of movies or whatever else you want. This is not about the truth or sense of those sentiments. What this is about is the fan mane “retro” Star Wars vids. I want to say right from the start that I love fanwork like that. The amazing talent and creativity we get to see thanks to the internet is one of the few things that keeps from turning into a miserable little troll and tries to bite people as they pass by (shut up! I’m not there yet!). These things must be  a shitload of work and I’m amazed by how much dedication someone must have for both Star Wars and classic movies to put in so much effort. See for yourself:

What I don’t get in this case is why a retro movie? The original Star Wars movies already are retro classics. If I came up with something like this I might try to do a black&white version of the Matrix (not that it had many other colors anyway…) or something similar. Doing it for Star Wars just seems an odd choice to me. One of the reasons for that may be that I consider bad special effects a necessity I have to live with in old movies but not charming or good in any way. Sci Fi movies don’t age well, unless they are campy like Flash Gordon or just so far beyond their time like Star Wars. The space battles still hold up today. Making a trashy old parody of that takes that one thing away from it. Is it the idea of seeing an Star Wars that aged badly that is the appeal here? I really don’t get it but it is sort of fun even for me so thanks for everyone who works on stuff like this. Considering how popular this trend seems to be I doubt we’ve seen the end of it yet.




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