A sincere apology

25 08 2010

by AngryPanda

A great panda should be able to admit his mistakes and apologise. Yesterday I not only insulted the developer Cryptic for making husks of baked shit filled empty promises but also of its esteemed fans who, for completely understandable reasons, believe the hype and their lured into the trap without any way to know better. But now everything changed. Cryptic’s very own Jack Emmert admitted that the company has to improve its quality and promised a much better game for Neverwinter Nights than what they released for Star Trek and Champions. Here you go:

“From our point of view, we just had to take a look at ourselves and kind of change the way we were doing things… we knew that Neverwinter had to be the highest possible quality, and we had to improve, dramatically, everything that we did,”

Of course! It all makes sense now. Because, let’s face it: Champions and STO didn’t need to be of high quality. It is not like they would have advertised or promised that back then. This time it is totaly different!

“The best way to do that was to sort of change the style of gameplay so that the focus wasn’t on hundreds of hours of mediocre (some would say even worse than mediocre) content, but instead create a rich story-driven multiplayer game.”

You might call this the poorest admission a game designer can make about his products, or wonder why even they accept this while their fans don’t admit it. But no! You have to see what this truly means. That Neverwinter Nights will be AWESOME. It will be like a sandwich made of entertainment and exploding suns. These people who didn’t manage to deliver a decent game before will now change simply because they learned that making shitty content doesn’t work. It is that easy! Everyone can make great games once they decide to!

“Super-fast doesn’t mean super-good. And that’s what the reviews said, that’s what the players said. The type of game that we made before World of Warcraft… City of Heroes was great for its day, but we can’t just keep repeating the same methodology over and over – we’ve got to make stuff that’s great.”

I’m honestly not sure if he is trying to make it sound like he had anything to do with WoW but that would be a really smooth move. But of course the true revelation here is that Cryptic as the first company ever realised that rushing work does not produce quality. My life ahs changed now! Never again will I try to do all my work in one hour. From now I will try to do it right and take the time till it is finished! The wisdom Emmert shared with us is truly breathtaking.

The really amazing part is that I’m not sure who is the failure here. Cryptic or the people who buy from them. Because they do actually sell tons of boxes with content that is less extensive than some single player games. As a business plan this might even be good. And this assurance that “this time it will totally be amazing, unlike the last times then we promised it too but with our fingers crossed behind our backs so that didn’t count” will work. Because the sheep want to believe it. Dance for me fanboys, dance!




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3 02 2011
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