So this is how nice people feel

26 08 2010

by AngryPanda

I’m a technical writer (in a really unnecessary and shitty language so don’t ask why my writing is so bad). My days go like this: my company buys shit that doesn’t work and I write a manual that lies and claims it does. That leaves out the complications of me not having product samples, of nobody listening to me that this sort of stuff can not be legally sold here and all the other little joys. Just the basics. We buy shit, I lie. That’s my work. Not officially of course, our boss honestly thinks the garbage he buys is good and that he is just so much smarter than everyone else and that is why he gets it so cheap. I don’t really care since I think anyone dumb enough to buy from us deserves it and also should be taken out of the gene pool. But I digress. One of the things that can make my days filled with self-loathing even worse is then something has to be finished all of a sudden because the developer clams their factory is on fire, or the product-manager forgot or because it is twatday and every weekday can be twatday… . That happened today. Our department head told us he needs complete guides for three new products and they all have to be finished tomorrow. I’m usually not very thrilled at having a week full of work dumped to me in a single day but what he put on my desk was this:

Yes, I do have a new desk, thank you for noticing.

Yeah, I had to let that soak in for a minute too. And now comes the best part. The really good thing about this was not that it was Star Wars, although that certainly added to it. That was fun. It was also toys so the work was not that unreasonable. But the truly outstanding thing was that as a licensed product this was actually not garbage. Don’t get me wrong it was still cheap toys but it was AVERAGE cheap toys. I do not think it is possible for me to express how that felt. This stuff works. Some might be broke but on average I can count that any kid who gets this stuff will have some actual fun with it. I also had tons and tons of full color space. The manuals I got to make are now full of pictures from Star Wars, they explain in-universe how a lightsaber works, draw the connection to electrical circuits and even try to interest kids in actual science. Somewhere out there someone will have fun with this. Maybe someone will even get into Star Wars or maybe even science. I do not know but there is a tiny remote chance for it. This must be how job satisfaction feels. I did something nice today. I got to work on something people might actually want and then enjoy once they have it. So not only do I have tiny Deathstar on my desk right now, I also got a lightsaber in perfect toy size for a ten-year old and I got to do something for a living that might bring someone joy. This must be how people who don’t want to see the world  burn feel. It’s sort of nice. Once your standards are low enough the most simple things can bring you joy. This is probably why I enjoy Micheal Bay’s movies.



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