26 08 2010

by AngryPanda

I would not have posted this but to my absolute horror I had to find out today that there are still human beings who have not seen the following two absolutely fantastic jokes. And since I’m a hatefull troll, randomly snapping at everything that gets too close to me I will now do my good deed for the day and make sure that at least the readers of this blog are not among those sad individuals. Maybe my three good deed will promote me from being bumraped to being flailed then I finally go to hell. Yes I said three. The first one was giving you the Flying Hamsters and if you haven’t see those yet your life has been meaningless. So let’s get to my good deed for the day:

There are several layers of clever in this one.

If you have not lived through that time between the 80s and 90s (I’d narrow it down but I’m lazy) then stuff like this actually happened you are a very lucky person. Seriously, the world was made of this shit. Ok, that opening kicks ass but you really do not want to see their holiday adventure. The basic thing was that they tried to make younger and cuter version of the stuff from ten years before. Everything could be cute and funny in the eyes of the producers. Admittedly the style before was not a work of art either.

I think the Watchmen actually gets better through the mere existence of this vid since it shows the sort of superheroes they were probably perceived as at some point. From what I know but don’t feel like researching right now it was originally planned to use the actual Justice League for the story, imagine what a shock that would have been. In that regard it is really sweet to see the Watchmen done all Super Friends style. Plus the damn thing is just amazingly well done. Someone has too much talent and spare time. And since I basically just rehashed things so famous that almost everyone on the net knows them anyway I’m going to throw in a review of the actual movie.

The panda’s amazing and in-depth critique and analysis of the Watchmen movie:

It was good.

If that isn’t detailed enough for me let me try it this way. It was really good and every fan should be thankful for getting a movie that tries so hard. If you consider how absolutely outdated the premise is this is even more spectacular. The fans of this stuff are old. For the entertainment industry they are practically ancient. They are a pretty bad demographic to serve since younger moviegoers will not know the series and more importantly won’t get the cold war vibe while the old fans will never ever be happy with anything. So yeah, this movie was great and very well done and if you think it would have been improved by putting in a space-squid you will probably take my place in the bumrape-line in hell for being such a twat.




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