Infant kills Zombies!

1 09 2010

by NiceDino

Yeah, this really doesn´t work if she is pregnant!

Infant kills Zombies – or something like that you could call what threatens the future of the resident evil movies right now. Milla Jovovich has announced in an interview with the magazine “Gotham” (cool name for a magazine by the way) that she want to have another child and will turn her back on hollywood in the near future.

By that as it may I don´t like this new threat to an overall good movie franchise. Even less since it comes along in the disguise of a little brat, which I dislike already.

Of course the actress has the right to do whatever she wants with her life. This is out of the question. I really don´t blame her but the pigheadedness of some movie companies. Why can´t they get someone else? What´s the problem with that? I honestly don´t know. I like Jovovich but she isn´t that good and could be replaced easily.

My only hope is that they will do just that. The team behind the resident evil movies seems to be pretty flexible and creative so far. Perhaps they will manage this. If they do so it will be a minor hollywood miracle.

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4 responses

3 09 2010

Honestly that is a horrible picture and it doesn’t work anyway.

3 09 2010

You are just angry, Panda! 😉

14 09 2010

You didn’t need to worry. A new one is already planned.

14 09 2010


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