If you need a new type of soldier…

7 09 2010

by AngryPanda

…why did you make another clone of a Spartan?

I’m also reasonably sure that this wasn’t New York City but I’m a weirdo from Europe so what do I know. You might be surprise but I don’t intend to rant about this game. It does look like the generic sci-fi shooters but as I said before I still prefer those to Call of Duty. Also from the screenshots I’m starting to feel a slight little trace of hope that it might not be  first person game. That sort of thing would move it directly to my “I wouldn’t play it if you paid me in russian hookers for it” list.

I’m not sure what it is exactly, the adapting armor, the fleet of ships or what appears to be an orbital molecular accelerator. Or gravity gun thingie. Doesn’t matter. It just does. I don’t dislike the concept of space marines on principle and I absolutely love military science-fiction and this trailer while still pretty bland somehow pushes the right buttons. Of course the game’s homepage didn’t tell me the one thing I wanted to know right away but I guess I’ll find out in some review. Since everything is an FPS these days I’m probably wrong but in the unlikely case it isn’t I think I’ll buy this.



2 responses

8 09 2010

> If you need a new type of soldier why did you
> make another clone of a Spartan?

Well, it´s definitely a different color so he is not an exact copy 😉

8 11 2010
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