Its nothing. Of course it can be blown up a little more

7 09 2010

by AngryPanda

I’m starting to get very fond of Activision statements. They give me something so infuriating and yet so incredibly unimportant to distract myself with. Last time they claimed Call of Duty is this generation’s Star Wars and I don’t think my previous post contained nearly enough bile to even begin to show how full of shit they are for comparing an industry changing piece of creativity to their perfectly polished masterpiece of nothingness. What is it today?

“Call of Duty: Black Ops” might outsell even its predecessor.

What can I say? I think they are right. This is bland generic garbage polished to perfection and aimed at people afraid of colors, fantasy and teenagers with issues. You know, normal people and the HARDCORE. It’s like vanilla pudding, you can sell it to almost everyone. Contemporary setting (requiring no fantasy to even imagine another time), the most relatable western hero (a disembodied but very patriotic hand) and graphics that will blow your mind. By now the momentum of the name alone would assure that the next iteration is a smashing success even if it was an empty box filled with baby seal entrails. Considering that they will put enough money to buy Holland into development and marketing I think they is still potential for growth. Just at the right time before launch they will also release the news about their new terrorist level and allows you to torture the president and molest his children while he watches. We are already inside the increasing spiral of offending shit and the media outcry will make sure every last fanboy comes crawling out of the woods. 50 million sold copies are impressive but I think now that the name is so big they can go one step further. After that they will probably stagnate and slowly decline but the name is big enough to make sure that this series will be on top of the sales charts for years to come. It’s like HALO but even more generic. The only thing that could beat it would be an even more bland shooter and I honestly don’t think it can be done.




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7 09 2010
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