Super Mario Galaxy

8 09 2010

by NiceDino

Now, thats what a 100% of fun looks like!


Super Mario Galaxy is an excellent game. And that´s rather a modest statement. It is a brilliant game. A game which splices different concepts of gameplay together into one package, which is something that was considered to be quite impossible not too long ago. Of course this is what mini-game-collections do. But then again Super Mario Galaxy isn’t that.


The level-architecture is spectacularly good and the gameplay outstanding, The design follows the tradition of Mario games so far and thus is very cosy and cute.


For me personally there is still a reason more why I cherish this game that much. But in order to explain this I have to go back quit far.


My first contact with Nintendo dates back until 1990, when the Classic Game Boy was released in Europe. The NES, which existed for a while back then, I did know, but I didn´t like it that much. To me the Game Boy was more like it and I got one at Christmas the same year. I really did love this little grey brick. All the more since I did not own a TV, which was pretty common for a boy of my age back then. Of course my first game was Tetris. This was included from the beginning and I played it for hours. I could hear the typical Tetris-melody even when I was asleep. The second game was Super Mario Land. Until this time I had no idea of what to expect from a Mario-title, but since they had a very good reputation I wanted to give it a try.


I wasn´t disappointed. Even though Super Mario Land is considered to be one of the weaker Mario games, I was thrilled by it. Not only did I like the gameplay, the rising difficulty curve and the catchy sounds, but I was also impressed by the imaginative level-design and the length of the game. Needless to say that this game wasn´t anything special, even back then. But the games I had previously known were all at least one generation behind and they often took place on a single screen.


Since this game I was an acolyte of the plumber. About two years later the Super Nintendo was released and I was saving money like crazy (it did cost about 190 Dollars at the time) in order to get one. The Super NES was sold in a bundle with Super Mario World and since I thought of Super Mario Land as impressive, Super Mario World just blew me away.


Super Mario 64, which was released for the new Nintendo-flagship, the Nintendo 64, managed it to impress me in the same way like Super Mario World did back then. Furthermore Mario did succeed in going 3D, Sonic didn´t. Until this day the poor blue hedgehog did not recover from that disaster. Even though Sony’s Playstation did effectively end the reign of Nintendo at that time – I did not care. I had my Nintendo console and a magnificent Mario game.


But then something went terribly wrong. The Game Cube was released. It was no bad console. But there was no Mario game that came with it. This was pretty bad. Even with the Nintendo 64 the Mario game arrived a little late. I remember exactly that Turok was my first game for the N 64. However Super Mario 64 did follow pretty quick. It still was among the first games for this console I owned. But what was the situation at the launch time of the Game Cube? No Mario game in sight. Not even a little. Instead we got nothing but disappointment. It was called Luigis Mansion. Since Nintendo didn´t manage to release a decent Mario-title on schedule for the launch of the console, they produced one that wasn´t too good. Obviously they knew this themselves. This is why they misused the poor Luigi as an sacrificial lamb, which is why he had to give his name to this rather average game.


But there was a Mario game for the Game Cube after all. Super Mario Sunshine. I have heard it should be quite good. I really can´t tell since I never played it myself. The ratings seemed disappointing to me. Most magazines rated it about 8.5. A rather good rating in fact, but for a Mario game nonetheless disappointing. Nintendo had done their job too good in the past. Or not good enough in this case. The Game Cube was my first Nintendo console without any Mario game. I purchased it because of Metroid Prime. This was a severe change.


I actually thought the Game Cube would be my last console. Nintendo was inglorious number three  in the console wars by that time. Far behind Sony and Microsoft which I could never get myself to like quite that much. Of course there are a lot of good games for the Playstation and the X-Box . The charm of Mario and his companions however has never been matched by any other character. In my humble opinion, the caring elaborateness which Nintendo uses to designs and craft their games is without competition.


Sony and Microsoft are companies which are first and foremost interested in making money. You can´t help but to realize this. Naturally Nintendo is just a company too. They want to earn money in the first place as well. But not at any price. Their virtual comrades-in-arms are valuable to them. I don´t speak of their market value – I mean an ideal value. This has a positive effect on their games and turns them into that special kind of product they undeniable are.


So, while I was about to say goodbye to the formerly colorful world of video games, a miracle happened. The Wii was released. And it came, saw and conquered. Mario was back again. And he was better than ever. Hallelujah!


Not only is Super Mario Galaxy a good game – in my opinion it is the best Mario game by far. Anybody who likes the jump´n run-genre even a little bit, should have this game in their collection. Definitely.


This game has been praised by so many people already that I don´t want do it as well. Instead I will tell you what isn´t a hundred percent alright about it. This is much faster anyway. Two issues come to my mind when I think about that. Two whole flaws has this game in my opinion. Not a single one more. The first one has already been mentioned by many others as well. The camera can be a problem sometimes. It doesn´t happen too often, but it happens. This is flaw number one. Flaw number two is: There is no Yoshi in this game. I´m totally serious about that. I liked Yoshi since I first saw this cute little green Dino in his debut in Super Mario World.


Therefore my rating for Super Mario Galaxy is 98%

-1% because of the camera and -1% because of the absence of Yoshi.


The good news is Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be released soon.

WITH Yoshi. Therefore this game has the potential to outclass it´s predecessor and I´m really looking forward to it.



Thanks for reading


NiceDino ^^



Note: This text was written before Super Mario Galaxy 2 was released. Furthermore all mentioned release dates are European.




2 responses

8 09 2010

“This game has been praised by so many people already that I don´t want do it as well.”

Boy did you ever.

8 09 2010

I know.
I lied.

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