Super Mario Galaxy 2

9 09 2010

This one is fun 2. WITH YOSHI!!!

by NiceDino


Well isn´t it astonishing how fast time can fly by sometimes? We already have Super Mario Galaxy 2. And I even managed to finish it although I´m slow like a snail. So how is it? Can it life up to the first part?


Oh yeah, it definitely can. But does it manage to be even better? Let´s see.


The graphics are exactly the same. Same console, same engine. There is literally no difference between part one and two. It´s still pretty good, by Wii standards of course, but there is no improvement either.


With the soundtrack it is virtually the same. The music of the second part is also ingenious. I really loved the soundtrack of the first game and I like the music of the second part just as much. But it´s not better. Honestly, I don´t think this is possible.


The fundamental gameplay is the same as well. It may sound a little disappointing but if you consider the outstanding quality of Super Mario Galaxy, this is quite a compliment. Naturally the levels and bosses are all new but this is an absolute minimum of course, even though Super Mario Galaxy-levels are very hard to design, considering the unique style of gameplay they have to work with. However there is more variety as far as level-design is concerned. The game is definitely less statics than its predecessor, which wasn´t very static in the first place, so this is an accomplishment.


There are new power-up´s also which add additional variety to the game. Only one of the old ones is missing (Ice-Mario) so there are definitely more than in it´s predecessor. Among these the most impressive are the drill and, of course, Yoshi. Both work perfectly which wasn´t that easy to do, especially as far as Yoshi is concerned. But he does his job and can be controlled quite well. Even I had only slight problems with that and I´m clumsy as hell.


The camera, which was one of the very few (2) flaws of Super Mario Galaxy, can however still be a problem. But I was under the impression that this did happen even less in Galaxy 2. It might be next to impossible to fix this kind of problem in a game which allows as much freedom of movement as this one, so I´m willing to accept this. It is in any case a minor issue and just worth mentioning because the rest of the game is so damn good.


Like I said in my Super Mario Galaxy Review my only complaints about it were the camera and the absence of Yoshi. Both of them have been fixed. Does this mean I think of Super Mario Galaxy 2 as the superior game? The answer is: No, I don´t.


Although the gameplay has been improved, there is not much of an improvement. As far as the pure game itself is concerned Super Mario Galaxy 2 is slightly superior. But if you compare the games as a whole they are about the same. The reason for this is quite simple. The presentation and even the story (as ridiculous as this may sound) of the original is better. More elaborate and more detailed. New characters are introduced, namely Princess Rosalina and the Luma, and their story is told in a very charming and heartbreaking way. Super Mario Galaxy 2 does not do this. I know it may sound weird, but you feel that this is “just” a second part, right from the start. Even if you would never have heard of the first game and there would not be a big fat 2 on the title you still would notice it.


This is why I rate both games exactly the same – 98%. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a fine, superb game nonetheless. It just not better than it´s predecessor.



Thanks for reading.


NiceDino ^^






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