Uwe Boll

9 09 2010

by AngryPanda

You didn't think I'd post a picture about the real subject did you?

I actually wanted to post this yesterday but I was so incredibly appalled I couldn’t type because I needed my whole body, including my fingertips just to hate this guy. Uwe Boll is to movies what shit is to a fan. Despite his best efforts he did not manage to ruin video games as a genre for movies, mostly thanks to the fact that at the moment Hollywood won’t do anything that hasn’t been released before, not matter if it was a game, book or chewing gum package. And honestly I don’t really care what he does to a title like Bloodrayne and neither does any significant number of other people on earth. But now he is going to make a movie about one of the greatest atrocities in human history.

That’s right. Uwe Boll is going to make a movie about the nazi concentration camp in Auschwitz.

Considering this man has less talent and creativity than a rerun of Full House you can safely assume it will not be the next Schindler’s List. How such a hack can even consider tackling a theme like this is beyond me. I’d admire his guts if I wasn’t so busy being disgusted. If you want to see the trailer it is posted on Aint it cool news in the link above but I won’t put a direct youtbube link here because (as hard as it may be to believe) even I have standards.




One response

9 09 2010

This is truly disturbing, but I will follow this. Uwe Boll may be the perfect choice for this kind of movie. To me, I don’t want subtlety with this topic, I want the 20kg sledgehammer hitting you on the head. I want it so true to life that you can’t look away for the horror. so Uwe, with all his inability to direct epic movies, may be the perfect choice.

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