Get over yourself Microsoft

20 09 2010

by AngryPanda

My world got turned around. Somehow, despite my expectations the future will not run on heavily modified versions of Windows XP. Unlike the complete and utter train-wreck that was Vista (and if you are one of those people who bought that you deserve all the trouble it got you) their Windows 7 seems to actually work pretty well. With 3 month free trials and all sorts of other stuff it even seems like they want to get it out. It can even run on people who don’t have killer gaming machines forged from parts of destroyed Gundams by the dwarfs of Middle Earth. And the one thing that really makes me hesitate to bitch about them is the fact they are actualy still giving you a system that let’s you choose how you want to run it by yourself and can integrate a ton of freeware. For you Mac-Fanboys out there, freeware is like apps, only free. Yes that implies you are an idiot for paying for it. You’re welcome. So the invincible evil juggernaut is now almost the good guy. This is a bit weird but I survived seeing Magneto lead the X-Men as a teen, I can adapt. Now I really don’t care about their approach to the console market. Their X-Box life system is both silly and full of dipshits. On the other hand it is the main FPS-Console and as such I could see it as a sort of zoo that keeps those monkeys locked away. It might be time to get to the point now…

Microsoft claims the Kinect will the biggest platform launch ever.

I got to hand it to them: At least their toy isn’t a Wiimote and the desperately tries to act hardcore while looking like a lolipop. Guys, what’s wrong with you? The Kinect is a mid-life upgrade to a console that already lost the race. You and Sony are both grasping at straws. I don’t know how good the system is, it might revolutionize gaming. But even if it does it won’t really have an impact until the next console that has it integrated. Your basic box is too expensive for the market you are trying to move into. And now you think an expensive upgrade will fix that? If their existing crowd goes wild and they all buy the thing it might work. But from what I’ve seen the hardcore are considering Kinect the devil’s work. So who are all those people who are supposed to buy both your console and Kinect in this economy?

And since this wasn’t outrageous enough they also claim their sales will “blow away” the iPad’s numbers.

Microsoft, you are big boys. You don’t need to explain the market to you. But come on, Apple practically created their own cult to buy their overpriced lifestyle coffee tray. You on the other hand are trying to move to a market that is already taken. By the Wii. You are not the iPad, you are one of the clones that will come out this christmas to get a slice of the cake. And people already have the Wii. It isn’t likely that those folks are willing to shell out money for a second console, especially if it is significantly more expensive than the last one. I’m not saying Kinect has to be a failure but I think that if it does make a major impact it will be long-term, not short. These expectations are so far out there I’d expect them from a 12-year-old fanboy, not one of the biggest companies on the planet. But then maybe there isn’t so much difference between the two.

I think I’ve been trying to say way too many things at once in this post. And it was almost pro Microsoft. I feel dirty now.



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21 09 2010
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