Parker Lewis

22 09 2010

by AngryPanda

It’s the answer to the question at the end of this post.

I don’t know how many people got it right but I knew it before even reading the whole sentence. And strange enough I’m not ashamed. Parker Lewis was awesome. Compared to the rest of the comedy at the time it was brilliant. It was also completely free of moral mediocrity by making the star someone who made it a hobbit to break rules and succeed through cracks in the system. The sort of attitude they usually don’t even want kids to think about. Or adults for that matter, we got to be good little drones too.

But this post is not in fact about Parker Lewis or pastel shirts and insane haircuts. You can sue me for labeling it wrong if you like. This one is about statistics and viewer count. Since this Blog went online it had about 15 to 20 regular readers each day. There was a major drop a few weeks back then I didn’t post for four days and the Dino was in London. On the other hand there are massive spikes of activity on some days, mostly then I write about gaming and link it on various guildportal sites I’m a member of. I still wonder who those 20 people are and why they have nothing better to do but it is a very comfortable number. Just enough to motivate me to write more but so few that I don’t feel like my rambling are a danger to society. I had linked my post about the Transformers MMO to the Escapist forums and that gave a massive spike of about 40 readers for that day. Strangely this didn’t motivate me but instead made me stop posting the next day. I guess I still stand by my statement that I have this blog to say things I don’t want to bother anyone with. There is was also an unexplained spike that got us up to some 60 +something readers a few days later and I still don’t know what caused that.

Sadly the thing doesn't go all the way back. Don't let the spikes fool you. The reader numbers are so low that every minor change looks extreme.

I only found out about the full statistics view later. That one gives a cool overview over what sites got people here and what search-words make you show up in Google. Some of those are pretty weird:

blizzard next gen mmo leak

Why? This is the worst site to visit for any sort of news. If I have some they are stolen from another site and in most cases they will be a few days old by then since I take my time to decide if and what I want to write about this stuff. Except for that Transformers thing which seems to be under the radar I don’t think I ever had anything up here that wasn’t already on all the major gaming sites.

40k grey knights comics

Thank god you won’t find anything like that here. The only way I think I even mention this was to make fun of it and say how it will end like a fly on a windshield then compared to the new Star Wars. But I’ll post a link to this “HALO: Reach” Comic instead. Maybe that helps.

lexx costumes

Lexx was some seriously weird shit and I don’t mean “big Brother weird” I mean “so mind blowing weird that even internet trolls might stop wanking for a moment to look confused.”. But I don’t think I ever specifically wrote about it. And I’m absolutely sure it wasn’t about the costumes. Which probably mean I really didn’t write about it since in any series description I would. My fascination with clothes in shows is so over the top I think my dad would seriously worry if he knew about it. I made a Lexx comparison before. And I might write about it in the future now that I think about it. Plus I guess the series is so old now that there just isn’t much of it around so any site that mentions it gets into the search pattern.

starcraft II porn

No. Just no. That’s wrong on so many levels. Do they even have  female except Kerrigan who is a half Zerg? Ok there is Nova and she did her best to make me think she is a slut. But not in that sense…

Those are the most weird I can remember but  I don’t check every day. What surprise me most though are the Referer-Sites. There is the usual bunch of add-sites but we get at least one visitor from the 20 Sided Dice Blog almost every day. I’m not sure why that is. I linked to a post there once and I noticed a pingback-notice showed up there. That might have gotten one or two curious viewers. But every day? That post has to be buried by now. This hardly seems like a fair trade since I probably got Shamus Young about 1 reader while he got me 20 but then I don’t make any money from this so who cares. I guess this is the power of social networks. Just as a test I’m doing it again today, which is the reason for the whole Parker Lewis thing at the start. So in the end we come full circle and I did make sense. Don ‘t get used to it.

Update: Today we got a search hit through “teachers reading cartoons”. The internet is weird. I hope that person at least wasn’t looking for porn since that would be one weird fetish.




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18 10 2010
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