Resident Evil Afterlife 3D (2010)

23 09 2010

If only the whole movie had been like this picture!

by NiceDino


With a budget of 60 million Dollars this is the most expensive Resident Evil movie yet. It is also the worst one. This follows the basic rules of Hollywood pretty well. Give them more money and they will make a shittier movie. Angry Joe didn´t like it that much either. So if you want so see someone bitch about it like crazy just watch his review.


The first Resident Evil movie (33 million Dollars) was good, the second one great (45 million Dollars, okay this is an exception), and the third one (45 million Dollar as well) was not so good. Extinction was the weakest Resident Evil movie by far. At least in my humble opinion.


Now there is another one and this time it is worse. Though I have to admit that they masked that fact pretty well. The setting is much less boring this time and the intro is pretty outstanding and of course it is in 3D which makes everything better, right?


Yeah well, in fact it does. Although the could have done much more with the 3D effects they didn´t manage to waste them completly.


But back to the intro which, despite the fact that it is very good, is also them main problem of the movie. In fact it is too good. I really liked it. But is it a good thing for a movie if the first five minutes are also the best ones? I doubt it. If I could pay by the minute I would go watch the intro again and leave right after it. But unfortunately I can´t because they won´t let me. It´s like putting a cherry on top of a turd. If it is all or nothing would you eat it? Probably not.


But not only that the intro is all there is to this flick, right after all the cool matrix-style sf-action, Alice gets her superpowers taken away to ensure there won´t be any more of this stuff. This is pretty bad. In Extinction she at least managed to keep her abilities. Or most of them anyway.


At the end of the first movie they made a promise. And they kept it in the second one. This is what made the second film so great. You actually see the destruction of an entire city. At the end of the second movie it was just the same. Only that they did not keep it this time when they made the third one. The destruction of the world is something Hollywood can not do. Not until it is the explicit theme of the entire movie. This wasn´t the case with Resident Evil Extinction, so I guess every one who thought he got to see this was a little bit to hopeful anyway.


How do they say? If you fool me once shame on you. If you fool me twice shame on me. So there really is not much to bitch and complain about is there? Why should they have kept their promise this time when they didn´t do it before? It´s a pity nonetheless since the beginning of the movie is that good and you definitely see what we could have gotten instead.


Be that as it may I have to admit I did enjoy this movie. Why? Because it is bad but not the worst ever or even one of the worst I have ever seen. My expectations weren´t that high anyway. I pretty much lower them any time I go to the movies nowadays, so it isn´t that easy to disappoint me any more. Did I really believe that this part would show us an army of Alices destroying any single umbrella base on earth with a giant showdown in Tokyo? Hell no! They don´t do such things. Everybody knows that. It would have been pretty cool though and a real promising candidate for my top ten movies list.





If you are bored and want to watch a zombie movie with good action-scenes and a flair of sf in it go right ahead. It isn´t too bad. The characters are likeable, the action is solid and the story is okay. This is a zombie-movie after all. How many of these are there with an elaborate plot anyway? Not too much I would think. So if this is enough for you, you can have some fun with this movie. But don´t forget to bring along some snacks. You will need them.



Thanks for reading


NiceDino ^^




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