Solar Striker (1990)

25 09 2010

Lasers, phasers, photon rockets, alien attackers in a distant starfield!

by NiceDino

Solar Striker is a Nintendo shooter. “Nintendo makes shooters?” you might ask. Hell yeah, they do! Or at least they did. Solar Striker was one of them. I remember playing it on my Game Boy when I was a kid. It wasn´t a particularly good game, but it sure was fun. It was very functional, and by functional I mean simple, but the kind of simple that is very enjoyable. The update system was very basic. Only your weapon could be upgraded. This, of course, made it stronger. No different effects, no variety at all, just stronger. That´s all. It was just you and a hostile alien armada and of course you were earth´s last hope. No wonder I liked it. It was so direct. And most important Solar Striker did not pretend to be anything more than it was.

Just watch this and tell me it doesn´t make your heart beat faster.

Yeah, this one of the other things Solar Striker was good at. It was fast. And it was okay to shoot aliens in the balls back then because they deserved it. And of course you used lasers to do this which makes it even more awesome. It is just as the title of this blog says: “This would be more awesome with lasers” and back then they knew it.

Thanks for reading!

NiceDino ^^




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