Looking for stuff

27 09 2010

by AngryPanda

Do you know how it feels to look for something that you absolutely know is there but still can’t find? Most people do. If you don’t get lost right now because I hate your guts. In an addition to my normal job I sometimes take independent contracts to translate stuff or write manuals. My last project  was saved on my USB-Stick. Sadly only on my USB-Stick since I flat-out forgot to save my progress somewhere else. Yes I know how stupid that is. Get lost smartass. You can go to the “I hate you corner” with the guy who never looses his stuff. Anyway, this thing’s got to be here and I just can’t fucking find it. Which drives me nuts. And also means I will have to do a weeks work this evening. I might even pull that off. But the worst part is that I know a day later the thing will show up again. Yay life!

If you find this and it contains gibberish files that are half translated please hand it to the neared Panda. They will pass it along.




One response

28 09 2010

yeah my dad will like this

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