Rally to restore sanity

29 09 2010

by AngryPanda

Good guy. Not evil. At least worth listening to.

I wish I could express how important this is without going way deeper into politics than I want to. Well maybe I do want to. But I don’t know how to make it sound snappy right now. Also I’m at work. And behind on my schedule. But if you got half a brain and it isn’t made of jelly you will know on your own. If you get the chance show up at John Steward’s rally to restore sanity. How important is it to let the world see that there are still people who are not fascist cultists? So important I’m wondering how to scrounge up the money to fly over there just so there is one more person (and not say a single word so no one notices how the thing cheats by bringing in foreigners). If you read this site you’re probably at least a gamer and at least the member of a dozen more minorities (also you must be horribly bored) and that alone should be reason enough for you to not want the people who would burn you alive to take over. I’d write more but I want to get some coffee…

Link to the original anouncement



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