Links of the week

4 10 2010

by AngryPanda

As some of you might have noticed the internet is full of pretty awesome stuff. For those of you who didn’t: Get off Facebook for five minutes you twat!

Anyway since there is way too much stuff that’s worth seeing but I have nothing to say about I’m going to start a weekly post with links. I will try to do these monday, collecting the best stuff I saw over the last week. I would do it saturday but I’m lazy too on the weekends and monday morning in the office is perfect. I’m too tired to work, too depressed to come up with something of my own and just bored enough to copy+paste. Also every news on this site tends to be at least a week old and we really don’t want to break this trend now do we?

A special thanks goes out to Torakage also known as “The bringer of nifty links” who always digs up the best stuff but for some reason doesn’t host his own blog (in which case I’d link him instead of stealing his stuff I swear). So here we go:

Civilization with lyrics: Watch this. It’s so damn awesome I’m tempted to buy Civilizations just because of it.

Old Spice Guy as an Avenger: I shouldn’t even have to tell you why you need to watch this.

It is obvious that you’re a foggot: Ignorance 0, Wit 1

Beloit Mindset List for the class of 2014: Last years was a bit more interesting but it is always worth a look.

Black Widow movie: Could it be they make a female-superhero-movie and don’t fuck it up? I doubt it.

The ultimate gaming console: And it looks like R2 D2! Also: Does this thing float?

Green Lantern minicakes: And an in-depth review of their quality.

Zero Punctuation: You’ll get one every week until you’re either a fan or learned to not click every bloody link ever.



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11 10 2010
Links of the week « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] Last week’s links: Because I can see that you didn’t click them. And they were awesome. […]

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