I’m not a witch

6 10 2010

by AngryPanda

First of all I want to admit that I never thought I would one day make a post that would fall into the categories this one does. It should be impossible. But oh glory to the internet it has happened. Behold the most awesome opening to a campaign spot in the history of mankind.

In fact it is so good that I think someone should get the Doctor and ask him if there has been anything like it in the history of the universe. Perhaps the president of Raxacoricofallapatorius regularly began his campaigns by stating that he is not a werewolf and the Timelords themself used to make it perfectly clear they are not vampires (mostly because they had seen the future and thus Twilight…).

I promised myself I won’t write about politics again so I won’t preach against O”Donnel here. She’s from the dark side, that’s all. But I think this is just too great. How bad do things have to be to force you to start an ad like this? There are elections in Germany in 3 months and I think a certain Mr Mappus who for those who don’t know (probably every reader of this blog) recently caused massive police violence against peaceful protesters should start his new adds like this: “Dear gullible twats, despite obvious evidence to the contrary I’m really not a fascist asshole.”

I’d also be insulted by the “I’m you” part but since I’m not American I’m reasonably sure she does not only not talk to me but doesn’t even consider me a human being so that’s all peachy.



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20 10 2010
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[…] didn’t say anything about Christine O’Donnel, mostly because her “I’m not a witch” comment was just so incredibly awesome on every possible level of stupid but I think this […]

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