Sick Panda

8 10 2010

by AngryPanda

I’m sick. That’s all. Thanks for your attention


Alright a few more words just because you bothered to load the site. I’d tell you what I have but it is one of those weird things then everything works together to make you feel like shit. I have a very harmless cold that doesn’t do a lot. But it makes anything that hurts feel a lot worse. I also have really bad back-pains right now, increased by the former. According to my doctor that causes me spine to move to decrease the preasure in that spot that hurt. Unfortunately that isn’t good for the rest of it so by sleeping in a weird way I managed to let the pain move up to my neck and get a killer headache. This feels almost like a computer bug. Some minor problem that spirals out of control and gets increasingly worse. It worked its way up to dizziness while I walk and I would never have made the connection the back-pain yesterday. Doctors are sort of awesome. I don’t think that gets said enough. Sure there are hacks and assholes but that’s the case with every group of people. Anyway I got painkillers that could knock out a T-Rex so I don’t feel too bad. The downside is that they make me sleep around 14 hours a day. So that’s why there wasn’t a post yesterday and only this one today. And for you Americans, it took one hour to get an apointment and medication at the reduced prize of only five bucks because there’s public healthcare. Someday you’ll thank that guy. Booyah!




One response

8 10 2010

Get well soon!

I´m interested in that T-Rex-knockout-painkillers by the way 😉

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