Links of the week

11 10 2010

by AngryPanda

Since I spend half the weekend sleeping (I suspect those weren’t really painkiller but knockout-poison) I didn’t get to spend nearly as much time in the ocean of weirdness as usual. Thankfully I don’t dig up the good links myself so you’ll still get some.

Movie Bob’s advice for the new Superman movie: His is a bit more constructive than mine.

WOW tops 12 million subscribers: This will of course spawn another wave of clones from people who won’t understand why they fail.

Going free to play doubles revenue for Lord of the Rings: The way to go if you are not WoW. Don’t worry, no one in a suit will get it. See above.

Airships: Both awesome and convenient. If you noticed how reality works both these things will tell you it won’t happen. But we can dream.

Wonder Women TV Show: This will get its own post sometime this week since I want to get rather colorful in my description of how shitty this is.

A towel fort made of baby seals: “I would like to make the argument that I’ve done more to reduce my carbon footprint by not reproducing than I ever could by carrying every soda can to the recycling bin.” Awesome.

The real talent behind Star Wars: Yes George Lucas was always boring. It is somehow sad that this is not even important enough for me to write its own post about it but I stopped caring long ago.

Exploring the wilds of Stranglethorn: Fantastic fan-video about exploration of wild places. “The only thing scarier than the wild is my fake British accent.” Love it.

Internet Explorer usage falls below 50%: It was above that? I thought IE’s only use was to download a real browser after while you set up your system.

Military still against Medal of Honor: Because sometimes people with shit for brains do get punished for it. Life is good.

Possibly the most disturbing story you will ever read: On the other hand this is the internet. I’m sure something worse will come along.

The Cape preview: This show could be either really boring or really cool. I’m aware that I basically said nothing with that statement.

Zero Punctuation (Halo Reach): But I liked ONI!

Last week’s links: Because I can see that you didn’t click them. And they were awesome.




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19 10 2010
Links of the week « This would be more awesome with lasers

[…] Last week’s links: They are like four posts down. […]

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